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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn


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November 2011
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

This issue dedicated to Kress Fall & Mildred Cotton

Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club Loses A Mainstay!

On Wednesday, October 19 William Kress Fall passed away at his residence from complications of cancer.  Diagnosed with cancer in 2006,  Kress put up a courageous battle for about 5 years.
Kress and Klyda Fall joined the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club in the late ‘90’s with a 1967 Thunderbird Four-door Landau.  Soon after that they acquired a Brittany Blue 1965 Thunderbird HT. 
Kress became Vice-President of the club with  Matt  Macy  president,  then Kress became President and served until 2004.  During Kress’ reign our club  instigated  the  Dream  Car
Show,  jointly  with  the  Wichita Classic Thunderbirds. This open car show,  sponsored  by  the  two Thunderbird clubs, raised just over $106,000  for  Make-A-Wish  by 2010. 
Kress  was  proficient  in soliciting  contributions  from  local businesses  and  was  often  top producer of trophy sales. Above all, he  kept  the  rest  of  us  motivated! 
His  dedication  to  Make-A-Wish  was  further confirmed by his choosing MAW to be the beneficiary of his memorials.

Kress and Klyda were always supportive of our Regional events.  They were part of the group which traveled to 
Hannibal, Missouri in 2004, and to Indianapolis and drove around the race track in 2005. 

Our club participated in the North Central Regional at Overland Park, Kansas in 2006 but Kress was 
confined to the hospital in KC at that time and could not be with us.  Kress’s illness held him
back from some of the activities after that but he served as overall Concierge at the North Central Regional
in 2008 in Wichita, participated in local events, and in the Dream Car Show every year.

Visitation on Friday, October 21 was well attended by Thunderbird club members and other friends and
included  a  display  of  photographs  of  Kress’s  favorite Thunderbird events, car  shows, posters, models, 
and automobile memorabilia.
Kress  was  laid  to  rest  wearing  his  white  blazer  with  the  VTCI  emblem  on  its pocket, and his 
Thunderbird necktie.

Kress’s funeral on Saturday, October 22 at College Hill United Methodist Church was  more  in  the  current 
“Celebration  of  Life”  format  featuring  music  (CD selections) chosen by Kress including “Silver Thunderbird.” 
That song had been selected a few years ago by our club as its official club song, and Kress was very fond of it. 

Kress’s casket was about as close to Brittany Blue as one could ask for, and included a porcelain Thunderbird 
logo and sign affixed, and three of Kress’s favorite Stetson hats rested on top.  Readings from Kress’s favorite
Mark Twain writings, and personal and amusing accounts of individuals’ recollections of life with Kress were 
shared with us by long time friends Paul Saas, Steve DeVore, John Ruhl, Jerry Young and John “Hooter” Myers. 
Pallbearers and Honorary Pallbearers included Mid-Kansas Vintage Club members Richard Carlisle, Royce
Taylor, Rod Wake, Tedd Roe, John Moler, and friends from other Wichita car clubs.

Current  and  former  Vintage  Club  and  Classic  Club  members  seated  in  the reserved  Thunderbird 
section  included  Darryle  and  Kaye  Barth,  Richard  and Susan Carlisle, Sal DeLucia, Steve and 
Caryn DeVore, Larry and Lynda Fichter, Lee and Rosemary Hufford, Jeral and Elaine Lipps, Carl Marts, 
April Marts, Mike Mawhirter, Henry and Anita Messerschmidt, John Moler, Tedd Roe, Tom Sloan,
Royce Taylor, Cheryl Thomas, Steve and Angela Trotter, Jack Wake, and Rod and Beverly Wake. 
Wichita Classic Club members included Donnie Edwards, Norma Hein, Daryl and Janet Standifer, 
Jim Winter and Sue Benish The escorted funeral procession from 1st and Erie out to 13th & Greenwich
was a long one, but filled with Thunderbird colors! 

Immediately following the family cars, was Kress’s 1965 Brittany Blue Hardtop now owned and driven 
by  John Moler  with  other  Vintage  Birds, Classic  Birds, and Retro Birds following. 
The order  was; 1965  Thunderbird, 1962 Thunderbird, 1963 Thunderbird, 1959 Thunderbird, 
1970 Thunderbird 4-dr Landau, 1977  Thunderbird, 1957 Thunderbird, 1955 Thunderbird, 2004, 2005,
2003, 2002 Retro Thunderbirds  and  finally  a  ’56  Ford  Crown Victoria.  Following the Victoria were 
vintage and show cars of other manufacture driven by Kress’s  friends  from  other  clubs. 


 Of  course, other cars followed, but when is the last time
you saw bystanders go for their phones to take pictures of a funeral possession?

The gravesite services included the Masonic  ritual. 
After those services,  our Thunderbirds returned to the church for a 
delicious dinner of salad, Lasagna, Neopolitan Ice Cream and other goodies.

Some time ago, a radio personality remarked that at every funeral, something
amusing is bound to happen. 
Our club will take that dubious honor this time, in connection with our Thunderbird
procession.  Kress’s request was that a good showing of Thunderbirds would 
accompany him to his final resting place, and Klyda’s request was that their 
1965 Brittany Blue hardtop could be first in line after the family car. 
Following would be the rest of the Vintage Club’s Big Birds, then the Classic Birds,
then the Retro Birds with other rods, customs, and regular cars from other clubs and
friends. Our carefully laid plans were to meet at a lot at Douglas and Hillside, 
line the cars up and drive the few blocks over to the church where club member 
and funeral director Darryle Barth waited with the hearse and an armful of traffic 
cones.  We met, we lined up, and the blue  ’65 led us there, except nobody told 
driver John Moler to line up behind the hearse; and John did what we had 
previously planned to do; park in the north parking lot. 
There our ‘Birds dropped into place just like a precision squadron. 
Word got back that we were supposed to be lined up out on First Street, and 
with no clear plan of egress, our activities then resembled a combination of the
Keystone Kops, the Joey Chitwood Thrill Show, and a Goat Rope. 

We can only imagine that Kress was looking down on the chaotic show with 
his booming laugh echoing through College Hill.
Our Thunderbirds eventually found their way back into a lineup behind the
hearse with the leftovers over on a vacant parking lot to be joined up with
the procession after the service.   Even then, there was no way to predict or
to prevent, a budget priced red Chevy four door compact from darting into
the  procession  from  an  adjacent  parking  lot  and  driving  the  entire
procession completely oblivious to the cars around her/him.  Ah, well.
One final event that we found worthy of discussion after the service, was
that in the middle of the gravesite ceremony, a low flying Air Force jet flew
over and brought the ceremony to a halt for a few seconds.  We joked later
that somehow, Kress had planned that also, or as we so often say in the
club, “Coincidence?  I don’t THINK so!
Matt Macy could not attend the service, and wrote to the Newsletter, “I
have just returned to town….I wish I could have been in the lineup with
the Thunderbirds to honor Kress.  He was a great friend to the club and to
our family.  We still have a little Thunderbird key chain he gave to Joel
when Joel was around 5 years old, (he is 12 now)!  I am so thankful…the
club rallied around the funeral…hope it all went great.”  Matt


Mid-Kansas  Vintage  Club  Loses  A  Charter  Member:

The club was also saddened to hear that Mildred L. Cotton, 81, 
passed away Saturday, October 22, 2011 at Clearwater, Kansas. 
Mildred  and  her  husband  of  64 years, Leon Cotton, were part
of the gathering of Thunderbird owners who met at Potbelly’s 
Restaurant in 1992, and those present agreed to form a
Thunderbird  club. 
Leon Cotton and Harry Mankin formed the club, named it 
the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club;  named officers 
and petitioned Heartland Vintage Thunderbird Club for 
From that date forward, Mildred was present at probably 
every club meeting held, was an officer in the club, and 
helped keep the club progressing during the 90’s. 

Leon and Mildred and their  ’65 Hardtop were present at the 
joint  Heartland/ VTCI International Convention at Hannibal, 
Missouri in 2004, and helped us make the transition to VTCI 
in late 2004. 

Of Leon and Mildred’s six children, only their son Phillip preceded
Mildred in death a few years ago. 
Even as Mildred’s health deteriorated and Leon devoted more 
and more time to her care, the couple and their cherished Patrician 
Yellow 1965 Thunderbird with less than 50,000 miles on it, were part
of almost all our major events. 

Mildred was especially fond of the Lake Afton show and All Ford Day and was a familiar sight 
with her folding chair near the Thunderbird. 
At last report, their award winning ’65 is being acquired by Leon and Mildred’s daughter 
Dana and son-in-law Robert Fitzsimmons of Winfield, MO.

Mildred passed away the same day as Kress Fall’s funeral.  Both individuals had
been involved in club meetings and events through the years. 

Mildred’s request was that any memorials be directed for the church bell tower,
First  Baptist Church at Clearwater where her services were held on 
ednesday, October 26, 2011


All Ford Day Featured A Thunderbird Display:

October 2 opened as a beautiful early autumn day with temperatures in the 50’s slowly building to a high in the 80’s with no Kansas wind to speak of.  This made a wonderful setting for the  stream of fabulous Fords that converged on the wooded and grassy field of Camp Hiawatha for the annual All Ford  Day,  sponsored by the  Early V8 Club  of Wichita

Vintage Thunderbird club members arriving for the day eventually afforded the public a display of the following Thunderbirds:

1959 Thunderbird HT driven by Tedd Roe
1961 Thunderbird Conv, driven by Rod and Bev Wake*
1963 Thunderbird HT, driven by Mike Mawhirter
1964 Thunderbird HT, driven by Joe Gross, who joined our club!
1964 Thunderbird Convertible driven by Todd and LuAnne Duhnke
1965 Thunderbird driven by Wil and Shirley Banman
1970 4-Dr Landau driven by Henry Messerschmidt
1977 Thunderbird HT driven by Sal DeLucia
1997 Thunderbird Coupe; Roush Racing, driven by Walter Day
2002Thunderbird driven by Darryle and Kaye Barth
2003 Thunderbird driven by Larry and Lynda Fichter
2004 Thunderbird driven by Lee and Rosemary Hufford *

Vintage  Club  member  Mike  Thomas  was  also  present  with  his  Mustang Convertible, and Carl Marts with April, Austin and Alec were on hand with a Mustang. They were instrumental
in persuading Joe Gross to join the Vintage Club at this gathering.  Thanks, Carl!

The  Wichita  Classic  Thunderbirds also made a great  howing. Those Classic Thunderbirds, (* some also belonging to the Vintage Club) were:

1955 Thunderbird driven by Darryl Standifer
1955 Thunderbird driven by Richard and Susan Carlisle*
1956 Thunderbird driven by Lauren Worley
1956 Thunderbird driven by Wendell Jack
1957 Thunderbird driven by Royce Taylor*
1957 Thunderbird driven by Allen Hale
1957 Thunderbird driven by Ed Martin
1957 Thunderbird driven by Jim and Norma Hein

Other Wichita Classic Thunderbirds members on hand, but with cars other than Thunderbirds, included Jim Winter with a ’56 Mercury and a 1955 Fairlane Golf Cart. 
Dick Price is working with a ’34 Ford, Doug and Carolyn Keener brought one of their 1940 Fords, Dean and Adrienne Hurley brought their 1936 Ford Roadster and Fred Silver drove
a ’54 Merc Tudor.

Lunch was a fun time for all as we gathered at round tables in the dining hall.  Delicious barbeque brisket sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks were available for purchase 
and we had a good lunch together along with other Ford exhibitors. 

Also present was Royce Taylor’s faithful four-legged companion, MacGregor! 
All told, the Vintage Thunderbird Club and Wichita Classic Thunderbird provided  20 Thunderbirds on display.

Both Prez Rod Wake of the Vintage Club, and Royce Taylor of the Classic Club expressed their appreciation for a great turnout and support of the show by the Thunderbirds.

MacGregor especially appreciated the wire wheels! 


Vintage Club Welcomes New Member : 

Our club was happy to receive Joe Gross as a new member at  All Ford Day. 
Joe brings a beautiful Diamond Blue 1964 Hardtop, mostly original, and still bearing the Price Motors O.S.T. Dealer’s sticker on the rear bumper. 
Welcome, Joe!

Kansas City Vintage Thunderbird Club Visits TheThe Mid-Kansas  Territory: 

Some of us witnessed a really inspiring Club activity the weekend of October 15 and 16.  On those dates, the Kansas City VTCI  chapter  came  to  Lindsborg, Kansas for their annual overnight
excursion.  Their turnout made us envious, as 26 of their members drove 12 cars well over 200
miles round trip,  with the entire trip including meals and stops, planned out in advance by organizer Gayla Honeycutt. 
By early afternoon, their club was shopping the galleries and shops, museum and scenic areas around historic Lindsborg. 
From personal experience, I can state that at least two of the galleries, as well as the Winery made a few sales that day also. 

Parked at the curb in Lindsborg were beautiful Thunderbirds; the likes of which had not been seen there for some time; a ’60 HT, Mike and Ann Mawhirter’s white over Diamond Blue ’63 drew a lot
of  attention,  a  ’64  HT,  a  ’72,  several  92-97  LX  Birds, four Retro Birds including Rod and Bev’s Vintage Mint ’04 from Wichita. 
Warren and Jane Hanks’ Lexus SUV , Larry and Katherine Graham’s Chrysler 300M and a Jaguar roadster rounded out the KC entourage.

In the peaceful atmosphere of Lindsborg in late afternoon it was refreshing to see an elderly local couple, out for a drive around town in their two tone grey 1929 Model A Coupe! 

The KC Club had the Swedish Inn booked in full and were to spend the night in that quaint 
small  hotel. 
Dinner at the Swedish Crown Restaurant was very nice with a variety of items on the menu and a private banquet  room. 
A fun time was had dining and visiting. 
President Warren Hanks spoke briefly to the group and Tim Pundt also spoke briefly about the 2012 North Central Regional which he and Cliff Lieske have formed at Des Moines. 

It was  a really nice evening with folks who make you feel like you have known them forever. 
Rod and Bev Wake and Mike and Ann Mawhirter were able to represent our club for this part 
of the trip.

On Sunday, the  Kansas  City troupe was given a tour of the McPherson College Automobile Restoration Facility. Mid-Kansas’  Mike Thomas represented our club on that part of the tour,  and is still excited about that experience.
Now, putting aside my Mid-Kansas hat, and putting on my hat as an officer of the VTCI, 
I really wish there was a way we could clone the Kansas City chapter!  I wish there was a way
we could “cut and paste”  the Kansas  City  Chapter onto many other clubs. 
Their club retention rate, the events they sponsor, and the trips they take together are
an inspiration to the rest of us. 
We all remember prior visits their club has made to our state; to our 2008 Regional 
Convention in Wichita;  to the Council Grove trip of a few years ago with photo shoot. 
That trip  is still fresh in our minds; and a lot of good photos made it into our Scrapbook.


Tim and Laura Pundt with children Emma and Gregg continue to be one of the driving
forces in that club. Tim was President of the KC club for several years before yielding to 
Warren and Jane Hanks and the Pundt family is present at all their functions, as well 
as almost all VTCI Regionals and Internationals within reach. 
Tim’s parents from Kona, Hawaii were on the trip as well.

It was my unpleasant duty at both the North Central Regional Convention
at  Fort  Wayne,  and  again  at  the  International  in  Portland  to  announce
upcoming  2012  Regionals  and  International,  without  our  North  Central
Region  scheduled  for  anything. 
Tim  Pundt  picked  up  the  reins  at  that point, and with  Cliff  Lieske  from 
Thunderbirds  Midwest  at  Minneapolis took on the difficult task of putting 
together a Regional Convention at the last minute in Des Moines—a city 
where neither of them reside. 
That takes drive, folks, and Tim and Cliff have it!   Our club is determined to help in
that venture, scheduled for June 21, 22, and 23 in Des Moines.  Watch for
further details in the January-February issue of THE SCOOP.

In  conclusion,  the  Wichitans  owe  a  nice  Thank  You  to  the  KC  club  for
inviting  us  to  join  them  for  shopping,  supper,  and  for  including  Mike
Thomas in their McPherson College Tour next day.  Most of our club has
visited  that  facility  but  Mike  had  not,  and  really  appreciated  the
opportunity.  Hope the KC Club comes to our area more often in the future.

Election Reminder!!

Those wishing to be considered as an officer in our club—notify
Secretary Bev today.  (316) 722-2028 if you have not already done so. No campaign speeches
necessary, and there will be no debates. 

Elections will be part of the November meeting at Spears!


  Club Plans For 2011—A Definite Maybe

These are the events the club voted to support as a group during 2011 plus
some additions through the year. 
Those we are still viewing through thewrap around windshield are:

November:  Activities pending
December 4: This will be an all new format for the Wichita Classic/Mid-
Kansas Vintage Christmas Party. 
This one will be held in the Tower Room at the Airport  Hilton
We  will be dining in a private dining room downstairs at  the Hilton. 
Then,  back up to our Tower Room for final festivities. 

What a beautiful event that should be!



The President’s Message
By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders,

 The October meeting was devoted more to finances than usual.  Principally because we seem to be reflective of our society and possibly spent more than we could afford during the last year.  We sent checks to three VTCI  Regional and International events; we
maintained and voted to renew our Website; provided monthly Newsletters in accordance with our By-Laws with associated printing costs 
and mailing; and had several expenditures from the flower fund. 
We had an unexpected cost to the Internal Revenue Service to reinstate our Tax Exempt Status. 
We voted previously to co-sponsor the Lake Afton All Wheels Rally in 2012.  We also experienced a slight net loss in memberships. 
It  was concluded that in order to stretch our budget until the next dues are due, we may have to make some cuts. 
We also discussed a myriad of ideas to bring in more revenue.  This included exploring a new club shirt venture with some profit per unit
to the club; assisting in other car shows with a view toward collecting some funds, and sales of club items.
During the meeting, we sold the remaining club coffee cups, for which all expenses have been recouped and sale proceeds were all profit. 
We received a generous gift from an appreciative club member, and one new membership.   A motion was made to raise club
dues in keeping with other clubs.  The club  voted unanimously to raise our dues to $25.00 beginning April 1, 2012.
The club is determined to continue its current business plan until the next influx of dues.
Although we still have sufficient funds in the account to pay expenses through this club
year, we may all need to pay better attention to club finances in the future.





Don’t Forget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!

Unique In All The World: 

The Newsletter continues its series
picturing Thunderbirds seen around the VTCI Regional and International Circuit
as well as local club events. 
With each Thunderbird featured, you should see why the Vintage Ford Thunderbird is considered to be “Unique In All The World!”

This month’s feature:

When did you last see a 1963 Sports Roadster that is not restored, and driven daily? 

This  blue  beauty  appeared  at  the  VTCI  International  Convention  at Portland in 
September, 2011 and was driven in from northern California.


Retro Bird Watchers Alert!
None spotted at this time

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

Autos For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc For Sale:
1962 Thunderbird Hardtop:  Jim Goolsby is selling his ’62 Thunderbird.  It has standard 390 with Power steering, brakes, Cruise-O-matic, skirts.  Rust free,
does not leak oil.  Drives great.  New radial tires in the last year, new left and right glass channels by Lewis Street Glass, new exhaust by American Muffler, complete front end rebuild with shocks by Axle and Wheel Alignment. 
Arizona car, shows 58,000 miles. 
Good straight body, but needs interior work and paint.
Located in Wichita. Price is $4,000.00
Jim Goolsby
Wanted: 390 for 1964 Thunderbird. 
Short block or whole engine.
Carl Marts 
8 Track Tapes! 
 About 180 of them ranging from swing, big band, to early 70’s music.  Drop Dead Reasonable. You won’t believe how reasonable. 
This is an elderly  gentleman’s  collection of cherished  tapes. (No,  I  am  not  that  elderly gentleman!)
Includes lots of swing, big bands, popular hits of the ‘70’s such as John Denver, The Bee Gees, and similar. 
Also one 8 track player

Call Prez for details.

1964 Thunderbird:  Larry also saw this one in Wichita.  Gold in color, Asking
$7,000.  Call David at 833-1024
Wanted: Set of 1961-62 Wheel Covers
John Moler 
316-942-7842 or 316-204-4514.
1961 Thunderbird Shop Manual
Used, Dusty covers, but the inside is perfect.
$20.00 OBO
Call Prez
1966 Thunderbird Landau: 390, 4V, PS, PB. Air, Light blue original paint,
two tone blue interior, nice original exhaust system (cracked exhaust manifold, with replacement included) very little rust, needs vinyl top, good tires, runs rough and last licensed August 1971.  56,000 original miles…recent barn find. 
$5,000 OBO
Call Mike Poston at 816-898-1067
in Lees Summit area
. This from the Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club:
For sale; 1964-66 Upper Back Panel Limit Switch, rebuilt by Certified Rebuilders
through Pat Wilson’s TBird parts.  It was never installed since being rebuilt.

1964-66 Brake Release Vacuum Cannister, new, $30

Cowl to Fender reinforcement tubes for 1964-66 convertible $25.00

Call Larry, 517-552-4655, from Water Wonderlands.

2004 Retro Thunderbird:
Larry Fichter saw this one in Winfield, Kansas.
Red body and Hard Top, Sand interior and soft top.   23,000 miles and asking
$24,000.00. 620-221-6616
. Three (3) 1964 Thunderbird Wheel Covers
$25 each, or $60 for all three. 
John Moler 316-942-7842, or 316-204-4514 




First we eat, then we meet!

November Meeting Place
And Election Site

Spears Restaurant

November 17,  2011

This meeting will include Elections for 2012! 
Be there, be on hand to vote for who you want to run your club!

C. U. There

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Lynda Fichter

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