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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn

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March 2011
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)


It's a Treat to Meet Your Sweet 
At The Model A Swap Meet!

Our club opened the month with the Sunflower Model A’s Annual Swap
Meet on February 4 and 5th at the Kansas Pavilion.
The pavilion is connected to the building that was formerly 
called the Kansas Coliseum. 

The booth we shared with the Wichita Classic Club was set up on
Thursday when John Moler, Mike Mawhirter, and Prez Rod brought 
parts and tools out and put them in place.
Treasurer Lynda Fichter and Classic Club treasurer Bev Wake 
sent checks to pay the booth costs and reserve the booth for next year.


Carl Johnson was again head honcho for our booth, which is no
mean feat considering that he drove in from Atlanta, Kansas 
each day including Thursday.
Carl and Rod hung the clubs’ banners on the framework 
Carl had made. 
In addition to John, Mike and Rod, Vintage Club members who
contributed parts, tools, and other items, included Larry Fichter,
Kress Fall, Klyda Fall, Richard Carlisle, and Royce Taylor. 
Other Vintage Club members who helped, visited, or in any 
way darkened our doorstep during the show were Chris Cushman, 
Henry Messerschmidt, Todd Duhnke, Willard Banman, 
Steve Hornbeck, and Walter K. Day.

That’s Carl Johnson, instructing Lee Green how to keep his head placed 
in the middle of Our Vintage Club Logo

Classic Thunderbird Club workers included the aforementioned 
Carl Johnson, Mitch Reed, Jim Winter, Jim Hein, and Lee Green. 
Classic Clubbers who visited the booth included Lauren Worley,
Dick Price, Bob Singleton, Paul Partridge, Dean Hurley, 
Fred Silver, Daryl Standifer, Randy Edwards, and Bruce Schultz.

Our sales were not that spectacular. (Who wants to sell 
Thunderbird parts, anyway?  We’d rather collect ‘em). 
Rod claimed the first sale, a dash mounted compass bought 
new in 1969 but never used! 
Klyda was successful in selling several power tools. 
Mike Mawhirter sold some almost new Lancer wheel covers, 
a wheel and tire, and some smaller parts. 
Carl Johnson sold some knobby tread truck tires.

The shoppers we met and the questions we answered 
were—in the old Editor’s opinion—‘way down from other years.
It appeared that overall attendance at the meet 
was down and only ½ as many cars were for sale in the center
pavilion as in prior years.

Please notice that at no time does Lee’s head leave the center of our logo :-)
Club information packets, business cards and VTCI pamphlets were
handed out to a few interested folks, but no new Thunderbird owners
were encountered to my knowledge from our geographical area. 
Parking was subject to several restrictions and Klyda, Rod, 
and Richard made several trips through the slush out to the
“south forty” with a two wheeled dolly to haul back the
items that were not sold.

Although  working the booth does not allow one as much time to
shop, there were some great bargains. 
Walter Day made a particularly appropriate and fortunate purchase
in one of the other buildings.  He found, and bought for a bargain
price, a Mark Martin #6 jacket to match his 1997 Mark Martin 
Signature Edition Roush Racing Thunderbird! 

But overall, it was a fun experience 
and we had a  good time visiting

John Moler is a big wheel at these events. 
At first he was wired, but he tired by late afternoon. 
(Get it?  Wire, Wheel,  Tire?  Har! Har!  )

Speaking of Walter Day: 

Don’t miss the article about Walter and his Mark Martin Roush Racing ’97 Thunderbird  in the current issue of The Scoop

Classic Club and Big Birds Are Big In Bunco:  

The rattle of dice filled the evening air on Sunday, February 20 when the 
Big Birds and the Classic Birds met at Jim and Norma Hein’s
fashionable house on Fiddlers Creek in Valley Center, Kansas. 

The evening began with our normal sampling of fine
wines and gab fest.

Hostess Norma was busy with not one, but two huge
vats of her famous chili surrounded by a great variety 
of pot luck salads and desserts contributed by our members. 
Served in buffet fashion, not one diet was followed for
about 45 minutes as the conversation continued. 

Then, Host and Game Master Jim explained the complicated
rules of Bunco. 
The sound of dice, laughter, and complicated scoring filled 
the large game room 

Seen participating in the five tables of tough competitors were 
Jim and Norma Hein,  Av and Lois Johnson, Kress and 
Klyda Fall, Richard and Susan Carlisle, Wendell and 
Mary Jack, Lee and Rosemary Hufford,
Larry and Lynda Fichter, Rod and Bev Wake, 
Donnie Edwards,Sue Benish, Lee Green, Estell Gorsage, 
Ann Smith, Royce Taylor, and  Jim Winter. 
Fabulous prizes went to the high scorer and the low scorer.
 Won’t say which was which, but Wendell
Jack took home a “Ford 100 Years” Coffee Table Book, 
Jim Winter took home a 1963 Sports Roadster 
Hallmark Christmas Tree decoration. Other prizes were won

Jim and Norma’s Chili and Bunco Party is one of the events 
which both clubs traditionally enjoy together during the year. 
Good friends always have a good time together and
this was no exception! 

Thanks for inviting the Vintage Club, Jim and Norma


Big Bird Bingo at Carlisle’s:

Mark your calendars now for a Potluck Dinner and T-Bird Bingo party at the Carlisle’s Casa on Saturday, March 12.
We will gather at 6PM and eat shortly thereafter.  Bring a favorite dish to share and anything “exotic” you want to drink
Dinnerware and soft beverages will be provided

After dinner we will play a few rounds of T-Bird Bingo and once again have a white-elephant gift exchange. 
Each person planning to participate should bring a gift wrapped in newspaper or some other plain, anonymous wrapping.
Remember, these are those gifts like great aunt Margaret sends you for Christmas or your birthday that you simply don’t have a use for,
but may be someone else’s “treasure.”

Please RSVP to the Carlisles by Friday, March 11 so they can be sure to have enough beverage and seating for all. 
If you need directions ask when you RSVP. See you there!

Its in the Cards: 

We would like YOU to have beautiful business cards like those
already ordered and delivered for Rod, Richard, Bev, Lynda, Larry, 
Tedd, Jack, John, Walter, Henry, Mike, Jeral, Jack and Barbara, 
Av and Lois, and Curt

For $7 payable to the club, you get 60 cards. 
The club buys them for pennies less than that and the difference
stays in the club treasury

All cards are uniform with our Logo and Website printed on them
and you customize the rest by choosing :

•  how you want your name to appear
•  whether or not to have your phone number(s)
•  whether or not the have your Email address

To order cards for yourself, simply contact Secretary Bev
and give your information and forward $7 to Treasurer Lynda

Christmas Party Plans Already In The Works:

Everybody remembers the Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club motto, “When things turn to crap, our club will adapt.” 
Well, it has been proven once again!
As most of you know, our Timberline East Restaurant closed down right after our last Christmas Party. (Wonder if there was any connection?) 
That left us out in the cold for next Christmas. 
Well, the club landed on its feet by our new members Curt and Diana Rakestraw penciling in the Rolling Hills Country Club for the
Thunderbird Clubs’ Christmas Party on December 4, 2011. 
We will be meeting with Rolling Hills CC personnel much later in the year and will be filling everybody in, in due time. 

Our thanks to Curt and  Diana for their prompt handling of this matter!

A Definite Maybe Club Plans For 2011
These are the events the club voted to support as a group during 2011 and will be altered if necessary as circumstances dictate

February:  Sunflower Swap Meet.  This one is behind us, it’s history now July 16:  Salvation Army Benefit Car Show, Camp Hiawatha

July 31: Kingman County Fair, Sunday

March 12: The Carlisle’s Mexican Fiesta and Bingo Party. Details will be provided

March 12: St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Delano District is pending

                 Mobley Street Melodrama, and/or Crown Uptown Theater, also being 

August 20: Mulvane Old Settlers Rod Run

                 Black Top Nationals ?? Pending

April:  Wichita Art Museum and lunch or dinner.  Details later

April 9: Kress Fall’s “Big Six Oh” Birthday bash.  Details to follow

April 16: Car show at Derby High in memory of Tustin R. Edwards

April 28:  VTCI South Central Regional Convention at Fredricksburg, TX

September: Cruise to Groendyke Museum at Enid, Oklahoma pending
May 22:  ARC Car Show at Old Cowtown Museum October 2: All Ford Day, Camp Hiawatha
June 12:  Lake Afton All Wheels Car Show, WACCC Sponsored November:  Stage Show, Museum, or similar activities pending
. December 4:  All New Christmas Party, Rolling Hills Country Club

A Few Cups Remaining! 

In inventory @ $10 each 

Payment for the last four cups will go straight to the club treasury 

Restoration Tips:

This is one of several restoration tips written by Richard Lentinello, Editor-In-Chief of Hemmings Classic Car magazine, which appeared in the December, 2008 issue, Page 6. 
Entitled “Rest Prevention” these tips will be hereby reprinted, one per issue for the next several issues

Nuts and Bolts: 

With fasteners that are exposed to the elements, such as those used on suspension A-Arms,
anti-roll bars, subframes and brake assemblies, it pays to use cadmium plated nuts and bolts.
They will retain a shiny appearance for several years and will resist rusting, making future disassembly of those components a breeze. 
If your car is equipped with irreplaceable fasteners, then consider having them plated. 
Just be forewarned—this can get expensive.

Coil Springs: 

No matter how many coats of enamel you use on a coil spring, the constant stretching 
and contracting of the coiled metal will eventually cause the paint to crack, allowing rust to take hold. 
Instead, consider having your coil or leaf springs powder coated. 
It is a very durable finish and it’s available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin finishes and in many colors. 
It will give your springs a factory-new appearance that will last for years


The President’s Message
By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders,

Some people will tell you, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Maybe that is where we are with the club and maybe we need to enjoy 
the status quo for a few years. 
But the fact remains that a strong majority of us voted not to hold another Dream Car Show and with that gone, our club year is now 
freed up from that responsibility for the first 6 months of the year. 

That gives us a lot of latitude in shaping our activities for the year and that gives us all a chance to suggest activities for the club that 
we can consider and decide upon. 
Mapping out a rough draft of the club year was the main thrust of the February business meeting and a lot of plans were made for the club year. 
So although we have a basic structure in place that is subject to change due to situations that may develop or attractions 
you may discover in the meantime. 
Let us hear from you. 
Give us the benefit of your experience, expertise, and imagination by taking part in our monthly meetings.



Don’t Forget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!

Thought For The Day:
If you stumble, make it part of the dance!

Activities To Consider

Daryl and Kaye Barth
good friends of our club, have arranged for a Sock Hop at their Salvation Army Hiawatha Camp and Retreat Center on Saturday, March 19th. 
It sounds like fun!


Retro Bird Watchers Alert!
None spotted at this time

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc:
For Sale:  Wait’ll you get a load of this!  Av Johnson has
located a 1976 Thunderbird with 7,000 miles on it! 
Jade Green Exterior and Interior, Vinyl
Roof, New radiator, new hoses, and tires.  460 V8 engine. 
Price not established at the time Av talked to the owners. 
Contact information is:
Matt Brack, (620) 694-4018 
Harold Swanson (620) 662-1555
Wanted:  Mel Boling, Haysville area, is seriously searching for a56 Thunderbird
Condition and price must be in balance

Not Exactly Car Related: 
Anybody need some 7” Class 1 Flexible duct?
Comes in 25’ rolls and only 10’ was needed for a cold air return project so I have 15’ of brand new flexible duct available to any of  you real estate or rental magnates.  It can be yours for a smile and a glance.
Just call Prez..
For Sale:  ’64 Thunderbird HT 
(316) 207-9526
. .
For Sale:   ’63 Thunderbird Landau
Arkansas City, KS
(620) 202-2668 
.. ..
For Sale: 
Several cars including a 1962 Thunderbird HT,
and a 1962 Thunderbird Convertible, dressed up
like a Sports Roadster.
In fact, the seller has 10 special interest cars and
one trailer for sale
The old Newsletter Editor has seen the photos, and both Thunderbirds
are beautiful but would probably cause mental hernia if he attempted 
to capture them and submit with this Newsletter. 

If you want to see the cars, please Email the seller, 

. .
For Sale:  We want to combine an advertisement from one
of the fall newsletters, with upgraded information on a very
interesting Thunderbird.
 It is a 1960 Thunderbird HT, red with red and white interior.
Full power, clean, original. 

This was the owner’s pride and joy but after his death it 
sat in inside storage for possibly 10 years. 
Curt Rakestraw brought us the information and John Moler
drove out and looked at it, but it was not running and there
was no way to check it out thoroughly. 

The owners family recently had the transmission overhauled, 
new brakes throughout, new gas tank,  new heater core, and a
whole list of things done to the car to make it ready to sell. 
Here are recent photos of the ‘Bird. 
It is located in Cunningham, KS.
The sellers are asking $12,000.00
The contact numbers are: 
Tom, (620) 243-3024 or Gary, (620) 243-2933

. .
For Sale:  OMG!  Look at this one! Vintage Club member 
Chris Cushman is thinning out his herd, and wishes to sell this
beautiful Colonial White’57 Thunderbird.
Asking price is $38,000

It would not do justice to this beautiful car to try to describe it here, when all  information is available first hand to INTERESTED club
members by simply calling
Chris at (316) 832-9090
. .
March Meeting:

Spears Restaurant
4323 W. Maple
Thursday, March 17,
5:30 PM

We have one of the private areas reserved
We will order from the menu and as always, 
First we eat, then we meet!

Special Notice!! 
As many of you sharpies may have noted, March 17
is also St. Patrick’s Day and Home Town Buffet has a Corned Beef and Cabbage Special for that night. 
Those of you who would prefer to dine at Home Town
Buffet please feel free to do so, 
then come over to Spears after you have eaten and catch the meeting.
 The business meeting should begin about 6:15. 
Fair enough?

Current Officers
J. Rodney Wake
Vice President:
Richard Carlisle
Beverly Wake
Lynda Fichter
Newsletter Editor:
J. Rodney Wake
Associate Editor and Photographer:
Jack Wake
Email Please
Website Coordinator:
Cheryl Thomas
Webmistress Design and Graphics
Connie B C
Email Please

National VTCI Contacts

VTCI President:
Terri McNeill
VTCI Vice President: 
J. Rodney Wake
VTCI Secretary:
Bob McNeill
VTCI Treasurer:
Randy Mattson
VTCI NC Director:
Ed Elzinga
VTCI Website Director:
Terri McNeill

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VTCI website: 

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