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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn

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July 2012
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)
Celebrating Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club's 20th year!!


Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Welcomes New Members:

Thanks to the recruiting efforts of a couple of our members, plus the Lake Afton All Wheels show which you will read about in the 
next section, we have two brand new members! 
First, Dale and Linda Gibson joined our club, bringing with them a Raven Black 1958 Thunderbird HT. 
We all know the ’58 is rarest of the rare. 
Carl Marts first put the word out to Dale and Linda, and we are happy to have them join the club. 
Dale is employed by Mid States Supply.

Next, thanks to our fabulous website, Jim Corfman contacted Prez, and got some good help from Prez and Steve DeVore in finding parts 
and placement of some items in his partly disassembled Sultana Turquoise 1960 Thunderbird HT.

There’s an interesting story about how the Thunderbird found Jim and we will tell you about it in a later issue. 
Jim is an over-the-road trucker for Parrott Trucking but is home every weekend. 

Both ‘Birds joined at Lake Afton, and we say "Welcome" to the Gibsons and the Corfmans!


Lake Afton; It Didn’t “just happen.” 

Almost every year we attend the great Lake Afton All Wheels Rally by simply driving out, parking our car, visiting with friends and then leaving at 
our leisure. 
The Wichita Area Council of Car Clubs makes all the arrangements and puts on the show. 
No stress, no responsibility, just have fun. 
Well, folks, since our Vintage Club and the Classic Club chose to be featured at this year’s show we can tell you that the Lake Afton 
show does not “just happen,” 
and we know this because this year WE were part of the production.

It all began last fall when we made payment to the Wichita Area Council of Car Clubs in order
for the Thunderbird to be the featured vehicle. 

A couple of WACCC meetings later, and we found ourselves in June; and on June 8, some of our
volunteers arrived at Lake Afton to help the WACCC set up the field. 

First, the field had to be laid out in a grid, marked, and aisles carefully mowed into the pasture. 
WACCC’s Mike McNeil ran the John Deere riding mower, our VP Mike Mawhirter and Prez Rod 
acted as measurers and flag men, and Chris Pyle and WACCC Prez Margaret Brinkley assisted 
with driving plastic marking posts and flags. 
As president and officer, those two oversaw all aspects of this operation at the site. 

This marking and flagging is not just for cosmetics and comfort, because Lake Afton is Sedgwick 
County property, and this is part of their requirements for the SG County Fire Department for 
access and egress to the field in case of emergency.  It is also to maintain an orderly parking 
pattern rather than the chaos that would result without rules.

Then several re-usable directional signs had to be placed.  We also lined up marking posts to 
mark the area for food vendors and parts vendors to set up their trailers. 

Signs such as “Spectator Parking”, “Show Cars” and so on also had to be driven into the ground. 
Carl Marts proved his confidence in daughter April by holding one sign in place while April
wielded the sledge hammer! 

Vintage Club members who helped the WACCC prepare the show field on Friday were Larry
Fichter, Carl Marts, April Weaver, John Moler, Jeral Lipps, Prez Rod and Vice Prez Mike. 

In addition to the normal set up for the show, our members also staked out a special reserved
area for our
Thunderbirds to park together and barricaded it off with “caution” tape and posts.

On Saturday, some additional fine tuning was done by our members by driving steel posts into
the ground for our banners. 
Royce Taylor positioned the Classic Club banner.  Joe had further assisted with the cosmetics
of the show by fashioning attractive PVC pipes, jointed, drilled, and painted flat black which
fitted over and disguised the sturdy steel fence posts supplied by Jeral, holding our Vintage
Thunderbirds banner. Joe also provided additional Caution tape to barricade off our area and 
April further marked the barricaded area with “Parking for featured Thunderbirds only” signs
affixed to the tape. 

Those wielding sledge hammers and staple guns were Joe Gross, April Weaver, Carl Marts, Prez
Rod and Royce Taylor. Royce also stepped off carefully planned and ample parking spaces and 
we marked the ground with spray paint.
Needless to say, the Kansas wind blew away everything not nailed down, but we affixed our signs
and markers in spite of it.

Sunday morning found Prez Rod, Secretary Bev, and Club Photographer Jack arriving shortly
before 9:00AM, but the Carl Marts family was already on duty and had already parked the first 
cars; Av and Lois Johnson and new member Dale Gibson. 

As comedian Jerry Clower once said, “It was so windy you couldn’t nail a coon skin over a 
keyhole!”  Nonetheless we hung both the  Vintage Club and Classic Club banners on their posts
and parked Thunderbirds as they arrived. 

Providing invaluable assistance as Thunderbird Marshalls were April Weaver, with sons Alec and
Austin, April’s Mom Denise Rooker, and Carl Marts. 

By the time we had filled up 28 marked spaces and squeezed in 5 more Thunderbirds, off came
the reserved tapes and we had put together one of the best Thunderbird Displays ever. 

In fact, it bears listing at this time to show what a Vintage Thunderbird treat our VTCI chapter 
offered for the show patrons almost exactly in this order:
Dale and Linda Gibson  1958 Thunderbird HT
Tedd Roe 1959 Ht
Steve and Caryn DeVore 1960 Ht
Jack Wake 1961 Convertible
Lee and Rosemary Hufford 1962 HT
Mike and Ann Mawhirter 1963 HT
Bob Francis 1963 HT
Joe Gross 1964 HT
Cheryl Thomas  1964 HT
Todd and LuAnne Duhnke 1964 Convertible
Robert Soell (non member) 1969 HT
Henry Messerschmidt 1970 Fordor Landau
Gary and Donna Agoitia 1975 HT
Sal DeLucia 1977 HT
Walter Day 1997 Roush Racing Coupe
Darryle and Kaye Barth 2002 Retro
Larry and Linda Fichter 2003 Retro
Beverly Wake 2004 Retro
Mike and Janie Lindebak 2005 Retro
Unnamed Visitor 1978 HT with trailer
Unnamed Visitor 95?? Coupe


Our co-sponsors, the Wichita Classic Thunderbirds (CTCI) did quite well also, and our
marshalls lined up their Thunderbirds as follows:
Daryl Standifer  1955
Mike and Debbie Pond 1955
Trevor Harris 1955
Paul and Tina Partridge 1955
Richard and Susan Carlisle 1955
Rod Wake 1956
Lois and Av Johnson 1957
Bruce Schultz 1957
Jim Hein 1957
Allen Hale 1957
Royce Taylor 1957
Ed Barker and Michelle 1957

Club members who also assisted without Thunderbirds were Willard and Shirley

Banman, Mike Thomas, Jeral and Elaine Lipps, David Dannels, Klyda Fall, Carl Marts,
April Weaver, Austin and Alec, and John Moler. 
It was reported that Steve Hornbeck also arrived in his Navy blue ’64 HT, but we lost him
in the crowd of two thousand other show cars.
We visited with Dave and Janet Trobst (Janet is the daughter of Jack and Pat Solter, former
members whose ’64 Thunderbird Convertible is now owned by Janet) and her husband who  owns a Raven Black ’57 E-Bird. 
We signed up two new members, the aforementioned Dale and Linda Gibson with their 
Raven Black ’58, and Jim Corfman with a Sultana Turquoise ’60 HT.

Six (6) other non-member Thunderbirds were on the show field, and we made sure each of 
them received a recruiting brochure, hoping to hear from them in the near future.

Visiting with the public always brings forth some interesting observations and comments.
This time we were excited to learn that a trio of very polite gentlemen were students at
summer sessions at McPherson College Restoration College.
They asked very important questions about our Thunderbirds and pointed out some
interesting details that we take for granted.  Details like the shape and design of front
bumper guards incorporating and protecting front license plates. They talked about paint.
They talked about metalwork with some authority.

While the more outgoing members of our clubs visited with the public and demonstrated,  explained, and showed off our Thunderbirds, many of our club members enjoyed a good 
visit in the shade of the Mid-Kansas portable gazebo erected at the center of the Thunderbird section. 
Carl Marts and Jeral Lipps  assisted Austin and Alec in further bracing the gazebo 
against the wind with stakes and guy lines.

The scheduled 2:00 business meeting did not happen, principally because the strong 
wind made it difficult for our Prez to address the group and second, because the information 
to be imparted did not need to be broadcast to the non-club spectators. Prez promised to 
send out any necessary information by E-mail.

With parched throats and sunburned foreheads, our members began taking down the 
banners and preparing to leave before the big rush. 

The only thing lacking on the drive back home on the beautiful Kansas plains, was 
the “Theme from Picnic” which would have been appropriate as our drive was interrupted 
only by wheat combines and trucks from the early wheat harvest in progress.

After all the dust had settled, (no pun intended) Prez Rod received communication
from Cheryl Boyes, Secretary for the Wichita Area Council of Car Clubs and then 
from Margaret Brinkley, President of WACCC.  Cheryl states:

“It was a good time and you guys made a wonderful 
representation of what the car hobby is all about-you made
the Council proud, you all looked great and the WACCC
deeply appreciates your active involvement and support to
help carry on a great tradition for Lake Afton. 

Thanks for all you guys did including helping Margaret get
things going on Friday.  She truly did appreciate all of you.

You looked great as the feature club….again, Rod, thank
you to the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird and Wichita
Classic Thunderbirds.”
---  Cheryl

The success of the T-Shirt sales was
attributed to two factors; a beautiful 
color, a great design and lettering,
and a reasonable price. 

The color of the shirts was our own VTCI’s official California Blue, familiar to Thunderbirders for several decades, andmost familiar as the color within
Vintage  Thunderbird emblems. 
The color is taken for granted by our club, but was highly praised by others.
So successful was the shirt sale that
several of our people missed out buying their own shirt because the public bought the entire purchase.  Prez immediately contacted the firm
who had prepared the shirts for the
WACCC and while the iron
was still hot on the shirt printer, 
made arrangements for an 
additional order of 19 T-shirts! 

This way, no club member will be left 
shirtless after putting on a
really good event.

Margaret Brinkley is President of the WACCC. 
Margaret also responded the day after Lake Afton to administrative questions from
Cheryl Boyes and from Prez Rod with this very flattering letter:

Hello Cheryl and Rod,

Thanks to you both for your support and hard work at 
Afton.  It was a grand success. 
The T-Shirt color was a HIT!!!!!!!  Everyone loved the 
color of the shirts and want to know if we will continue
to use a color rather than the typical white. So it is 
without saying the colored shirts are going to be an
important part of the success of sales in the future.
T-Bird Club members, Great job on your selection 
of the colors.  Your Clubs have brought a new challenge
to the floor for future event shirts.  Awesome!!!! 
The shirts and dash plaques sold out by 1pm this 
is a new record also.

In answer to your question as to how many vehicles
were at Afton, we had over 2,000 cars at this years
event when the show field was at its fullest. 
The good weather and low stress of the event no 
doubt had alot to do with the numbers.  Thank you 
to all the clubs and individuals that made this a 

I wish to extend a "SPECIAL", "THANK YOU" to the 
sponsor clubs, the Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird 
Club and the Wichita Classic Thunderbird Club 
for the support on Sunday, and hard work you guys 
did Friday to set up the show field. 
I would not have been able to do it without you guys.
 So, "Thank You" again. for a SUCCESSFUL SHOW.

Other "SPECIAL", "THANK YOU's" go out to Mike
McNeil for bringing out the signage, show field stakes,
mowing the field lines, and allowing us to use his golf 
cart. Chris Pile who helped on Friday and Sunday
set and remove the stakes, and place and remove 
the trash receptacles as well as work the T-Shirt booth
Sunday morning, Rod Wake and his crew of helpers,
Mike, Larry, Jeral, Carl, April, and John. I am 
sure I have forgotten a name here as I do not have
my list in front of me but I will be sure to list all the
names in the newsletter.  This event would not have
been the great success it was without all of these

I am sorry that the gals from the T-Bird club that came up to
help at 1pm did not get to work their shift but they were there
and ready so "Thank You" to Kay Barth and Bev
Wake, we appreciate your being there as helpers and 
support.  Thank you to my helpers at the T-Shirt booth, 
Athenia, Allen, Phil, Phillip, Chris, and Cheryl thank 
you all we were a success because of all of you.

I look forward to working with you all again at future shows.

 Respectfully, Margaret Brinkley


So now, after the ball is over, and as this Newsletter is ready for the massive MidKansas 
Thunderbird printing presses, 
time to relax a bit and clean up the 
Thunderbirds in preparation for the next event. 

Ooops!  Here’s the next big event!!

Fly Away to I-O-WAY; VTCI North Central Regional At Des Moines a Big Success: 
On Wednesday, June 20 Prez andSecretary left Wichita in a well packed 2004 Thunderbird Retro, bound for the NC Regional.  This was a sort of homecoming for our Prez, 
who is an Iowa native and was happy to return to Des Moines to serve as MC at the conclusion of the Convention.  Also heading to Des Moines via 2003 Retro by a 
different route was fellow Iowa native Larry Fichter and Treasurer Lynda Fichter.  After making visits with friends and relatives along the way, both couples arrived at the 
Sleep Inn in Urbandale, IA, our Convention Hotel.
The Regional Convention was hosted by the Thunderbird Midwest Chapter from 
Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the Kansas City Vintage Thunderbirds. 
The Des Moines site was chosen because it was midway between the two clubs and because
the Living Farm complex lends itself well to a convention.

Helping with the arrangements was the Mid America TBirds of Iowa.

On Thursday, we were treated to a great outdoor welcome/reception where an overflowing
crowd enjoyed a buffet table of fruit, ham, turkey, buns, and a cash bar. 

Round tables were filled with conventioneers and standing room only took care of the rest. 

We had a good visit with old and new friends. 

About 7:00, our caravan formed for a trip to the nearby town of Adel, Iowa to view Bob and Diane Young’s personal collection.

Twenty three Thunderbirds made the trek to Adel, and on south to De Sota, Iowa where Bob’s collection takes up
two large steel buildings. 
Bob’s collection included four (4) Thunderbirds ranging from a ’55, ’57, ’59, and ’05 Birds.  You will remember the '’59; it was at our 2008 Regional Convention and graced the cover of our CD prepared by Jack at
that time. 

Also included, all restored to show condition was a ’63 Ford Galaxie fastback, a Chevy
pickup, replica ’63 Corvette split Window, two  Mercedes, a Porsche, two Motorcycles, 
a new Ford 4 X 4 pickup and a new Mercedes sedan. 

A Collection of Schwinn  bicycles, most of them with tanks and fat fenders from the
‘40’s and ‘50’s were on hand as well as another 10 or 20 banana seat Schwinns.
Bob and Diane were gracious hosts, and provided even another table of goodies 
for our enjoyment. 

We headed back to the hotel about 8:30 and were once again home before dark.
Pat Lieske’s well stocked Hospitality Room, adjoined by Tim and Laura 
Pundt’s Hospitality room with silent auction items was a popular meeting place
until closing time.

Friday morning found the majority of the attendees waiting for the tour bus to
take us downtown for a tour of Des Moines narrated by the Iowa Chapter’s 
Bill Jackson, and the final destination the Iowa State Capitol Building. 

One and one-half hours of guided tour through the opulent State Capitol 
Building went quickly and all agreed the State Capitol Building was an 
architectural and esthetic marvel for its time, and built to last for centuries.

Some of the hardier members climbed the steps to the Capitol dome. 
We rode back by a different route and most congregated again in the Hospitality
Room for sandwiches and lunch items.

Randy Mattson hosted the Judge’s Meeting on Friday afternoon.  Car clean up 
also began Friday afternoon, with many Thunderbird owners washing their cars 
at the faucets and hoses provided by the Living History Farms welcome center.

Once the cars were cleaned up most were parked in their designated spaces
waiting for the final cleanup Saturday morning before being judged.

We were “on our own” to tour the great Living Farms museum, and Prez Rod and 
Secretary Bev chose Friday Afternoon for their tour of life as it used to be 
on an Iowa farm, and in  a 19th century town. 

Highlight of the tour was the Flynn Mansion, home of a wealthy
(for that time) farmer and merchant whose opulent home is furnished 
with furniture from the period and appropriately dressed guides 
showed tourists through the attractions.

The Implement Dealer’s house was also furnished in period furniture, 
also with well versed guides posted in the house. 
Particular interesting to Prez and Secretary Bev was the doctor’s office, 
for which the “doctor” came from across the street (in period clothing of course) 
and showed in detail the purpose and function of each strange instrument 
in the doctor’s glass cabinet.

Friday night brought a fabulous family style dinner at the famous Machine 
Shed Restaurant as Thunderbird folks sat at round 11 place tables to be served
chicken, pork chops, baked potatoes, rolls, drinks and desserts. Tim Pundt passed 
out party favors; farmer style straw hats; for those who had neglected to bring along 
their farmer hats to the convention! 

Those who chose to do so, rode back to the hotel in a hayrack pulled 
by an H Farmall.

Judging began at 9:00AM Saturday, with cloudy skies, predictions of
scattered showers and storms for the area.  True to the prediction, 
it began sprinkling about the time judging began and a steady drizzle continued 
well into the early afternoon. In fact, Larry Fichter’s 2003 and Prez’s 2004 were 
both judged in a light rain.  But temperatures were great and it made for a really
nice judging event and show.

At the Convention were 27 Thunderbirds judged, with 24 cars on display
for a total of 51 Thunderbirds. A wonderful array of Thunderbirds from almost
every year graced the judging field, and they came from North Central states 
of Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, Colorado, Nebraska, 
Manitoba, Wisconsin, Indiana, with two Thunderbirds from the SC Region;
 Texas, and Arkansas.

A van took many of the ladies on a shopping trip to a fabulous Shopping 
Center for part of Saturday.

The banquet on Saturday night was preceded by a “Happy Half Hour” with a 
cash bar held in the large reception area of the Living Farms properties. 
Tim Pundt announced the winners of the silent auction items, and the
50/50 split yielded one lucky diner about $234.00!  Dinner was buffet style 
with traditional Iowa farm fare with fried chicken, barbeque ribs, baked 
beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, followed by...get this…bacon Ice Cream! 

Cliff Lieske and Tim Pundt turned the event over to MC RodWake, who 
introduced SC Regional Director Jim Merritt, and NC Regional Director 
Ed Elzinga, both made presentations of progress in their regions.

Then, the reason we had all come to the Convention, MC Rod read 
the names of the winners as Chief Judge Randy Mattson 
(a/k/a VTCI Treasurer Mattson) took care of the trophy presentations. 

Did our Kansas cars win trophies, you ask.  The answer is, “Of course!” 
Once again, the Wimbeldon white 1965 Thunderbird Convertible shown by 
our old friend Jim Mills fromTyndall, Manitoba took Best of Show trailered
with a perfect score of 300 points!

Pat Lieske and Laura Pundt’s two hospitality rooms were the location
again for late night conversation, liquid refreshments and laughter until 
closing time.

Sunday morning found most of our members in the Continental 
Breakfast room  before and during check out.  Most were packing
the Thunderbirds for the return trip and a lot of conversation was involved. 
All seemed to agree that the North Central Regional at Des Moines,
a somewhat new approach by having two clubs on each side of Iowa host
the show, was a big success.

Enrollment in the Convention by fellow North Central Region 
clubs showed the following:

Chicagoland Thunderbirds= 5
Land of Lincoln= 5
Mid America Thunderbird Club of Iowa= 5
Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds, Wichita= 2
TBird Club of Manitoba= 1
Thunderbird Midwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul=16
Vintage Thunderbirds of Indiana= 1
Vintage Thunderbirds of Kansas City= 17
Western Michigan Thunderbird Club= 1

Other regions or VTCI only with no club affiliation showed:
Sooner Thunderbirds = 1
 VTCI only; no club= 5

Larry and Lynda, Rod and Bev agree that it would have
been more fun if we could have had more participants from
the Mid-Kansas Vintage Club in attendance.
Please give some consideration to joining us at the
2012 VTCI International in Charleston, and/or one of the
VTCI Regional Conventions for 2013!


Dues, Memberships and Numbers: 
Folks, Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds cannot afford to lose any more members.  Even though we are picking up new members 
regularly we simply do not like losing any.  Nonetheless, unless dues are paid we must drop the names off the roster. 
Our current roster, according to Treasurer Lynda show 38 family memberships. 
We are holding our own, but not gaining in numbers. 
Keep your eyes peeled for Thunderbird prospects and if you are out of recruiting pamphlets and business cards, let Prez know.


Mid-Kansas College of Automotive Knowledge: 
The MidKansas Vintage Thunderbird Car College is offering a course (non-credit, and
man, is it ever non-credit) to increase our knowledge of that well known
invention, the Automobile. 

This month’s lesson:

Hemmings Motor News Collector Car Encyclopedia defines a fordor as “Ford’s name for a four-door sedan.”
Lecture Part of Lesson: 
Now, get out your papers and pencils and take notes.

Abe Lincoln probably never heard the word “Fordor.” 
In Grandpa’s time there was no such word as Fordor.  None of the old fellows living in the legendary Living 
History Farm at Des Moines would have ever heard the word Fordor. 

The Old Editor’s Webster’s Dictionary does not contain the word Fordor although our want ads 
and automotive articles are loaded with references to Fordors. 
So “what’s the deal?” you ask!

The word Fordor was simply coined, invented, structured, and merged by Ford Motor Company 
by combining Ford and four door as an advertising gimmick to define a Ford automobile with
four doors. 
It has been given proper noun status and has remained in our automotive vocabulary for decades.

Presumably, there should not be such a thing as a Chevrolet Fordor or a Pontiac Fordor.
They should be referred to as four door vehicles.

Watch for that in future publications and let the Old Editor know.

The President’s Message

By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders
Last month I suggested that June would be a busy month and boy, was I right!

Lake Afton followed by the NC Regional made the month simply fly by!  But what a great time was had by all. 
Makes us realize why we volunteer to do these things in the first place.

With the Newsletter running a little long this month, some items will be held over for the August edition. 
Since we did not have a business meeting in June, we will catch up on business at the July meeting, scheduled for
Spears Restaurant on July 19.  Hope to see most of you in the meantime but if not, see you at the


Don’t Forget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!


Unique In All The World: 

The Newsletter continues its series picturing Thunderbirds seen around the VTCI Regional and International
Circuit as well as local club events. 
With each Thunderbird  featured, you should see why the Vintage Ford  Thunderbird is considered to be 
“Unique In All The World!” 

This very pretty 1963 Thunderbird Landau was entered in the VTCI Regional Convention at Des Moines,
by Les and Yvonne Norman.  This ’63 does not look too unusual until you hear “the rest of the story!” 
The Thunderbird was acquired by Yvonne brand new! Completely original until having it spiffed up about a year ago, 
the car now has 49,000 miles on its odometer, and Yvonne put all of them on there herself. 
But the judges did find one fault; scratched scuff plates (door sills) from 49 years of use!  How many 
one-owner lady owned ‘63’s do you think are out there anymore? 
That makes Yvonne’s Landau truly “Unique in All The World.”

Regional and International Conventions:
The VTCI South Central Regional Convention is history; the North Central Regional at Des Moines is history, and was a 
big success. 
The NW Regional Convention at Mukilteo, Washington will be held August 16-19 and the International at Charleston, SC on
September 27-30 is getting closer and promises to be a
fabulous event with a lot of tours, cruises, and history.  Prez and Secretary,Treasurer and Larry will be there.  It is not too late
for you to register and join us!
See the current issue of The Scoop, or ask Prez for assistance.
Upcoming Events We plan to Support….a definite maybe: 

At the February meeting we reviewed upcoming events listed by the Wichita Area Car Club 
Council and chose those which the majority wished our club to support with a good presence.
 This list also includes events which may have cropped up since that meeting.  The events are:

July 14, Saturday: Automobilia’s 18 Moonlight Car Show and Street Party;
along 1st street, Downtown Wichita.  6:00PM to Midnight!

July 21, Saturday:  Sons of the American Legion Dog Days of Summer Car, Truck,
and Bike show
4301 W. Pawnee.-Wichita

July 22, Sunday:  Hooters Car Show 3131 N. Rock Road.


Burma Shave Signs:
Remember those delightful Burma Shave signs from the
30’s 40’5 and 50’s that were posted along all our highways (before Interstates)
and were changed out a couple times a year? 

Five (5)  little red signs with white
lettering, about 100 feet apart were designed to be read as you passed by.  They
normally gave warnings or tips about traveling.  The Newsletter wants to remind
you of this fun period from the past and will run a Burma Shave sign each month.

This month’s Burma Shave ad:

Drove Too Long
Driver Snoozing
What happened next
Is not amusing
Burma Shave


Retro Bird Watchers Alert!

2002 and 2003
See below!

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

Autos For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc For Sale:
1960  Thunderbird 
(used to be John Moler’s car) for $7,000. 
Call Joe at Yoder, KS
(316) 304-3718
. 1962 Thunderbird Spinner 
Wheel Cover
At Lake Afton, a gentleman approached
the Old Editor and said he has a perfect condition, possibly NOS Thunderbird
Spinner Wheel Cover. 
Asking $100.00 for it
(316) 721-9377
1965 Thunderbird 
(used to be Kress
Fall’s car) for $8,500
Call Joe at Yoder, KS
(316) 304-3718
...0.0000.............................................................. .
John Moler saw this one on the Internet:
1965 Aqua Blue HT
3101 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, Kansas
John says it looks nice in
the picture
(402) 466-8686
. .
2002 Thunderbird
Curt and Diana Rakestraw
are selling their 2002 Retro Bird. 
Torch Red hardtop,Torch Red body, 
and black soft top. 
Red and Black two tone interior and
all the accessories.
Currently in the Wichita Eagle for
Curt Rakestraw 
(316) 722-4018
. .
2003 Thunderbird
Evening Black (Gads, that sounds sexy!) 
with special upgrade sand interior.
Both tops.14,000 miles and factory
fresh all over. 
$29,500 call Chris Cushman 
Now folks, you won’t find a nicer 
black Retro ‘Bird. 
In a later correspondence, Chris told Pres, “…it is for sale and I want to be fair on the price to the new owner and myself.”
. .

Click on ad to visit VTCI!


July Meeting:
 July 19, 5:30 PM
Spears Restaurant
4131 W. Maple







Current Officers


J. Rodney Wake
Vice President:
Mike Mawhirter
Beverly Wake
Lynda Fichter

Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird’s Appointed Positions


Newsletter Editor:
J. Rodney Wake
Associate Editor, Proof Reader,

Club Photographer, Computer
  Guru and all around helper
Jack Wake
Website Coordinator:
Cheryl Thomas
Webmistress Design and Graphics
Connie B C
Wichita Area Council
of Car Clubs Representative:
Royce Taylor Royce.taylor@spiritaero.com

National VTCI Contacts


VTCI President:
Terri McNeill
VTCI Vice President: 
J. Rodney Wake
VTCI Secretary:
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