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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn



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January 2012
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)
Celebrating Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club's 20th year!!


Mid-Kansas’ Christmas Party with the Classic Club a Memorable Occasion!

We did not hear sleigh bells ring, nor  did we hear the rumble of Y-Blocks and 390 V-8’s in the vicinity of the Airport Hilton on Sunday  evening, December 4, 2011!
Instead, we heard laughter and pleasant conversation as we enjoyed a good turnout for the annual Christmas Party. 
There the well dressed and festive folks from both the hosting Wichita Classic Thunderbirds, and the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club
met in the beautifully decorated lobby of the Hilton. 
From there,  they migrated on up to the 5th floor to the fabulous Control Tower Room of the Hilton at 5:00 for Christmas Cheer. 
Our Vintage club had provided two beautiful punch bowls filled with ice  rings and Holly berry colored punch, (one containing Ethyl and one Unleaded) to suit any taste, and Classic Club Prez Royce had provided bowls of pretzels, nuts, and snacks at each table. After mingling and sampling the punch once or twice or three times, it was time to go down to our private dining room for dinner at 6:00.

Delicious and beautifully presented Christmas Dinners –37 of them—were
waiting to be served. 
The tables were set in a classic Christmas motif and Lois Johnson had  again treated each participant to party favors;  a Christmas Decoration
for each place setting marked with “Thunderbird clubs 2011.” 

Dinner consisted of two entrees; (1)  Grilled KC Strip Loin with Herbed Garlic
Butter and sautéed fresh Mushrooms, and (2) Basil Chicken stuffed with
Swiss Cheese, Ham, and basil with white wine mushroom sauce.(Chicken Cordon Bleu) Both entrees came with Harvest Salad, Oven Roasted Redskin Potatoes, 
a Vegetable medley of Carrot, Broccoli, and Cauliflower, Warm Pretzel Bread,  Rolls and Butter,  followed by dessert of either Cheesecake with Cherry
Topping,  or Chocolate Fudge Cake followed by coffee or tea.
The Hilton folks really outdid themselves on this dinner and if there were any  mistakes or disappointments, none came to our attention.
After enjoying the meal and conversation, for a little over one hour, we headed back up to the Tower Room. Only a hastily organized group picture taken by an
enlisted Bell Hop, slowed our pace back to the party room for formal installation of Classic Club 2012 Officers. 
Outgoing Vice President of the Classic Club, Lois Johnson did the honors of swearing in President Royce Taylor, Vice President Allen Hale, Secretary Rod  Wake,  and  Treasurer  Beverly  Wake. 
Unfortunately, Allen Hale could not be with us as he was in the hospital recuperating from a major, serious back surgery. 
Appointed officers sworn in included Jim Hein, WACCC Rep, Donnie Edwards and Susan Carlisle, Historians, Rod Wake as CTCI Correspondent and 
Newsletter Editor.  (A Get Well card for Allen was circulated for the signatures of all party-goers and we are happy to announce that Allen’s surgery went well.)

The gift exchange was a lot of fun. 
Divided into three categories at a decorated table the gifts were; (1) For a man, (2) For a woman, and (3) for either.
The gifts were picked by a numbering system with numbers drawn from a bowl.  Some gift providers apparently failed to get the message because they gave
NICE gifts!  It is hard to imagine some of the gifts being valued at only $5 unless of course we have some very smart shoppers among us.

Vintage Club members enjoying the party were Cheryl Thomas, Tedd Roe, Helen Jimenez, Henry and Anita Messerschmidt,  Mike and Ann Mawhirter,
Jack and Barbara Godfrey, Larry and Lynda Fichter, Klyda Fall, Todd and Lou Anne Duhnke, and Darryle and Kaye Barth.

The  “straddlers”  (who  belong  to  both Thunderbird Clubs) were Royce Taylor, Curt and Diana Rakestraw, Av and Lois Johnson, Rod and Bev Wake, 
and Lee and Rosemary Hufford.
Classic Club members enjoying the evening together were Donnie Edwards, Jim Winter and Sue Benish, Daryl and Janet Standifer, Carl and Brenda 
Johnson, Wendell and Mary Jack, Jim Hein, and Randy and Pam Edwards.
Vintage Club member Mike Thomas had made our club aware of the Prairie States Honor Flight Society earlier this year; a cause to which he has been
devoting a lot of his time and energy.  This non-Profit organization raises funds to provide World War II veterans a charter flight to Washington, D.C.
to visit the monuments and other points of interest.  Veterans of other conflicts are eligible as well, but restricted to those who are terminally ill. 
Through Mike’s message to our club, the Classic Club voted to take up a free will offering with cash and checks payable to the Classic club and 
the club would then issue one check to the Prairie States Honor Flight to cover contributions from both clubs. 
A drop box was set up on the bar during the party for party patrons to deposit their contribution. 
Near the end of the party, Vintage Club Treasurer Lynda Fichter and Classic Club Treasurer Bev Wake counted the contents of the box and
President Royce announced to the crowd that the total amount raised by our clubs was $443.00. 
A Classic Club check in that amount has been sent to Mike, with a cover letter stating that the two clubs had raised the amount for the Honor Flight.
Our club thinks the Honor Flight is a great cause and we are proud to contribute to it.  Our gift is only a small token of the appreciation we hold for
our veterans.
Without their service to our country we would not be running around today with high end Christmas Parties in beautiful hotels and playing with Classic 
and Vintage Thunderbirds.
(Before this Newsletter went to press, we received a response from Mike stating in part, “Kim and I want to thank you and the T-Bird clubs for your 
donation to the Honor Flight.  It means a lot to us that you chose to donate to this worthy cause.”)

Classic Club President Royce Taylor asked for our opinion, and a show of hands indicated a unanimous approval of the 2011 party location. 
As a result, the Classic Club has already made arrangements to reserve the Hilton for the 2012 Christmas party.


Auld Lang Syne:

The last event for 2011 (The Christmas Party) was reported upon first, so now we need to take a look at the rest of 2011 in our rear view mirror. 
Calendar Year 2011 ranks right up there with the best of them, and here’s a quick review to see where we have been.

January 2011 marked the club’s return to Spears Restaurant for our monthly meetings, and almost all our 2011 meetings were at Spears. 
The food was good and the room made it convenient to talk business. We used it to our advantage in planning out the year’s activities in 
advance; those we planned to attend as a group yet leaving the side door open in case something came along mid-year that would be to 
our interest.  This list was then incorporated into the Newsletter as “Club Plans for 2011—a definite maybe!”  Then the year began to unfold
as planned….read on.

In February, the month opened with the annual Swap Meet at the Kansas Coliseum where we joined the Classic Thunderbirds in their booth. 
Also in February both clubs met at Jim and Norma Hein’s place in Valley Center for a chili and pot luck dinner, and Bunco game. 
Also in February, Mike and Ann Mawhirter represented our club in a run down to Enid, Oklahoma in their ’63 HT to meet with the
Sooner Chapter in touring the Groendyke Museum there.

On March 12, our club participated in a great St. Patrick’s Day parade in the 
Delano District, followed by a meeting at Braum’s Ice Cream store for
re-hashing of the parade experience. 
Photographer Jack Wake photographed Tedd Roe, Mike Mawhirter, Jack and 
Barbara Godfrey, Walter K. Day, Rod and Bev Wake, Royce Taylor from our
club and Kathy Hale from the Classic Club in their seven (7) Thunderbirds in
the parade.

Photos made both newsletters, the Early Bird and The Scoop magazines. 
That same evening the Carlisle’s Potluck Dinner and T-Bird Bingo Party and
White Elephant Gift Exchange took place and everybody had a good time.

April 9 was the 60th Birthday Celebration for Kress Fall in Haysville, and the following week was the Inaugural Car Show at Derby High, 
in memory of Tustin Edwards. Our Prez and Secretary attended the VTCI South Central Region’s Convention in Fredricksburg, Texas April 27-29.

On May 15, members of our club attended the musical stage play “Pump Boys and Dinettes” at the Crown Uptown Dinner Theater. 
May 22 was the ARC Car Show at Old Cowtown Museum. The day was beautiful; our Thunderbird Club was well represented.
June 12 was the date of Lake Afton All Wheels Rally and the annual show
came “this close” to being postponed but the weather straightened up and 
it was a nice day for a car show.

On June 22, Prez and Secretary hit the road again in the ’04 Retro Bird, 
this time representing our club at the North Central VTCI Regional 
Convention at Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum was one of the highlights of the
convention, not to mention seeing a bunch of Thunderbirds. 
Prez and Secretary worked in the tally room during Concours judging
at this convention.

July 16 saw the Camp Hiawatha Salvation Army Show welcome 
156 Classics, Customs, and Rods including 15 Thunderbirds. 
The day was hot, but the shade was nice and a lot of nice door 
prizes were given out.

On August 13, Jim Winter hosted a Pot Luck Dinner and Ice Cream Social at his lakeside casa for both the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, 
and the Wichita Classic Thunderbirds.

On September 18, Star Lumber held an impromptu car show to benefit the investigation into the murder of Jennifer Heckel. 
Over $8,000 was raised for the investigation. 
This show exemplified our “definite maybe” plans for 2011, as nobody saw this one coming, but we adapted, participated, and helped
make it a success.

On September 24, our club took a road trip to Av and Lois Johnson’s house near Nickerson, then on to Fort Larned in our Thunderbirds! 
Once again, the trip was the reward as we had a real nice time traveling past the Wildlife Refuge, dining on Pizza, touring a National 
Treasure right here in Kansas--Fort Larned, then meeting for ice cream, and returning home before dark.

October 2 was All Ford Day, an absolutely fabulous fall day at Camp Hiawatha and most of Wichita’s fabulous Fords were present. 
On October 15,  Mike and Ann Mawhirter and Rod and Bev Wake traveled to Lindsborg to meet with the Kansas City Vintage Thunderbirds
for shopping, a great sit-down dinner and gab fest. 
Sadly, on October 21 our club participated in the Funeral Service for good friend, long time club member and former president of our chapter, 
Kress Fall. On the same day as Kress’s funeral, we also lost charter member Mildred Cotton.
We continued to gain new members this year due to our recruiting efforts, recruiting packages, but due mostly to our effervescent 
personalities, charm, and overall ambiance.

New members who were welcomed into the club this year were:  Carl and April Marts, who we met at Lake Afton. 
They bring a ’64 Thunderbird with them. Darryle and Kaye Barth who joined us at the Salvation Army show. Darryle and Kaye have many 
cars, including a Raven Black 2002 Retro Bird. 
Joe Gross, who we visited with at All Ford Day joined our club at that show. Joe has a light blue ’64, mostly original with long time
Wichita Ford dealer “Price’s O.S.T.”  sticker still on the bumper.  (For you youngsters,that means Price’s On South Topeka.)

The November club elections saw the return of three officers, and the introduction of a new one. 
Mike Mawhirter had thrown his hat in the ring earlier and was elected as Vice President. 
Next event was to be the Christmas Party in December and there our officers hammed it up for their first photograph together.

An Opportunity To Help Starbird/Devlin Initial Show:
As you know, the Starbird Show has changed, and the newly formed organization is made up of Tom Devlin, Tim Devlin, Carl Fry, John Fry
and Classic Club member Dick Price. Their initial show will be held on January 19-22 at Century II and promises to be lower in cost to the public, 
friendlier to participants and more family oriented. 
The profits are to go to three charities. 
In order to make the show profitable as possible, many volunteers from area car clubs are needed. 
Tedd Roe presented this to the club, and has a chart of time slots open for volunteers from car clubs to help with the show in any of several
categories.  A copy of the Volunteer Registration Form was sent out earlier in December by separate Emails, with hopes of  filling the volunteer
spots by December 17 or so. 
Prez sent in his notice mid-December and is looking for aposh assignment somewhere. 
The December 17 deadline is long past, but if  YOU are still interested in donating your time to help with the inaugural Starbird/Devlin show, 
please call Prez or Tedd Roe
Sunflower Swap Meet: 
This is an early plea for help at the annual swap meet at the Kansas Coliseum.
It will be held Friday and Saturday, February 3 and 4, 2012.

We will be sharing a booth with the Classic Club and we need items to sell! 
Start rounding up whatever you have that you no longer need
(preferably Automotive related) and bring it out to our booth. 
In addition to possibly selling some items, you will get to meet a lot of car
folks, see a lot of items you might be interested in yourself, and possibly 
even hook up with some club prospects! 
Join Carl Johnston, Prez, John  Moler, Royce, Jim Hein, and many others 
who will be displaying their wares at this well attended meet!

“The  Chill”  Show  Draws  Near: 
The Vintage Club has pledged to support The Chill at the Kansas Coliseum on February 24, 25, and 26th
with at least 10 Thunderbirds. 
Carl Marts is assisting a lady with a concession stand full of metal automobile related signs which will be offered in
conjunction with our booth. 
Our Thunderbirds should be a draw for her signs, and vice versa.  Early registrations @ $30 ends February 11 and
the cost then goes to $40 entry fee.  If you have not registered yet for The Chill, please let Prez know when you 
do so we will have an idea of who is going to attend.


The President’s Message

By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders,

From time to time all clubs need to take a hard look at themselves to see where they have been, and where they are going.  
For example, two years ago we took a hard look at our Dream Car Show efforts and although we were receiving rave
reviews from the entrants,  the show was getting a thumbs down from our club members.
It takes a lot of effort to make yourself, and fellow social club members do something you no longer enjoy and it takes 
a toll on the club. So we simply stopped doing it.
Currently we may be falling short in our out of town excursions and fun runs and are applying  some thought to that 
aspect of our club.  Other clubs in our North Central region ( Kansas City, Hoosiers, Indianapolis, etc) have a highly
visible participation in road trips and also in Regional and International VTCI Conventions.    
Our newly elected Vice President Mike Mawhirter has long indicated an interest in out of town trips with our Thunderbirds.  
And he isn’t just talking the talk; he has had a lot of experience with excursions with several classic and vintage and 
collectible cars through the years. Mike has pledged his efforts in organizing some road trips with our ‘Birds this
coming year. I urge all of us to cooperate with Mike and make his plans for the improvement of this facet of our club 
come true.
Also, we have three very attainable VTCI Conventions in 2012.   
First, the SC Regional Convention will be held in Austin, TX on April 12-15.
Second, our own North Central Region is holding its Regional Convention in Des Moines on June 22, 23, and 24.  
At our own 2008 Regional you all met Tim and Laura Pundt from Kansas City, and Cliff and Pat Lieske from Minneapolis
and those two dynamic families are organizing the 2012 Regional with the Iowa Thunderbirds.  
Our Mid-Kansas chapter has pledged its support also, whether it be manpower, money, or both. I urge, and welcome 
any of you who can, to join Beverly and me in attending this Convention in the State from whence I came.
Then, a fabulous sounding VTCI International Convention is planned for Charleston, SC on September 25-30, 2012.
I have worked with the organizers for several months on the plans for this one, and again Beverly and I will be
attending for sure.  Although we will either fly there or drive the plain old car, Larry and Lynda Fichter are planning to
take their  ’03 Retro to this one and we would certainly like more Mid-Kansans to accompany us to this historic city!

The  application and more details on all the above conventions is found in the current issue of The Scoop. 
You can also check them on line at VTCI’s website.
Also, for our Classic Thunderbird (1955-1957)  owners, the CTCI Regional Convention will be held in Memphis, 
TN August 21-25th.  A lot of Graceland, and Elvis connections to this one!

‘Bird people, we have the opportunity for a great year ahead of us.  Hope all of our hopes and dreams for 2012 come true 
and that this, our 20th year as a club, is the best ever!


Don’t Forget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!



Unique In All The World: 

The Newsletter continues its series picturing Thunderbirds seen around the VTCI Regional and International Circuit as well as local club events. 
With each Thunderbird featured, you should see why the Vintage Ford Thunderbird is considered to be “Unique In All The World!”

..That said..get a load of this one~~~!

This month’s feature:

To attempt to describe this  customized 1961 Thunderbird would be anticlimactic!
The  beautiful  hood  wind  splits  differentiate  this  from  a  ’62  or  ’63  Bulletbird.
This one is slated to go across the block at Mecum’s at Kissamee, FL this January.
The  Old  Editor  has  so  often  said  of  cars  that  go  across  Barrett-Jackson  and Mecum’s block, it is the body men and mechanics who are the heroes and they are almost never given credit!

Why, why,….it is  Unique in all the World!”





Retro Bird Watchers Alert!
None spotted at this time

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

Autos For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc For Sale:
1962  Thunderbird  HT.
Corinthian  White,  Pearl  Beige  interior
Correctly  detailed  engine  compartment, 
drives  great.
Lee and Rosemary Hufford
(316) 267-0008
...0.0000.............................................................. Kool  Rides
802  E. Madison
 Arkansas City,  KS
Local supplier for Smithy’s Mufflers 
and similar street rod accessories.

                                          on ad to visit VTCI!


January Meeting:


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