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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn

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January 2013
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)
The VTCI Recognizes ALL Thunderbirds, 1955-2005!

Celebrating Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club's 21st year!!


This just in!!
 Having completed its 20th year, the Mid Kansas Chapter
looks through the wrap around Fomoco windshield to
its 21st year; a challenging 2013! 

But first, stay tuned while we take a look in the original suspended
Fomoco day and night rear view mirror;  through the
Vinylite plastic rear curtain for a look back at Calendar year 2012!


Old 2012 Leaves Town:  Today we watched old 2012 drive over the hill in his badly rusted 1958 Squarebird Convertible, with a cracked windshield and leaking tranny, rusty floor pans 
and a ripped convertible top that will not work. In fact, the deck lid was stalled in the half-open position! 
Rumor has it he stayed around long enough to see if the Mayan Calendar was correct. 

Finding it was incorrect and the world did not come to an end, old 2012 threw his stuff in the back seat and headed over the hill even before December 31. 
In addition to the oil smoke and the annoying noise from a cracked right hand exhaust manifold, he had wired an IPod into the AM radio, and was listening
again to various 2012 Campaign Speeches and updates on the Fiscal Cliff. 
Yes, we are happy to see old 2012 rumbling out of sight and taking many bad memories with him!

On the other hand, the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club had a lot of good times in 2012 and as the Old Editor nestled in his easy chair by the fire,  patted
his Irish Setter and lit up his pipe to reminisce, these are some of the good times he remembers. (I made up that part about the pipe, the fire and the Irish Setter)

First of all, the club held eleven (11) monthly Thursday night business meetings at Spears’ Restaurant where the comfort food flowed, and we took care of business.
First, we planned out our club year. Then, we worked our plan and in addition to our meetings had many fun events, to wit;

Januarysaw the newly formed Starbird/Devlin Rod and Custom show happen at Century II. 
The inaugural show needed many volunteers to help make a go of it, and Tedd Roe, Rod Wake, Darryle Barth, and Kaye Barth represented 
the club in answering the call.

Howard and Helen Day’s red ’63 Thunderbird Convertible was dazzling under the bright lights of Century II as a great representation of our chapter among 400 other entries. 

The weather outside was beautiful, the crowd was tremendous and after all the accounts were settled the organizers were able to turn over three $25,000 checks to three charities. That’s $75,000, folks, and we helped!

Februaryopened with the Sunflower A’s Swap Meet at the Kansas Coliseum.
Our booth shared with the Classic Club, and manned by Mike Mawhirter, Rod Wake, Carl Marts, April Weaver, Larry Fichter, and other Vintage and
Classic Club members sold parts all day Friday and Saturday and visited with folks about
Club jackets and banners were prominent! 

On February 17, 18, and 19 our Prez and Secretary put on their VTCI hats and traveled to Fort Worth for a planning session with
members of the Texas clubs, for their 2012 Regional and the 2013 International Conventions.

Then, the next weekend nine (9) of our cars entered The Chill, a winter car show at the Kansas Coliseum. The lineup was made up of Barths’ ’02, Mike Mawhirter’s ’63, Walter Day’s Roush Racing ’97, Rod and Bev’s ’61 Convertible, Larry and Lynda’s ’60 HT, John Moler’s Monte Carlo Red ’60, Curt and Diana Rakestraw’s white over red ’57, next to the Classic Club’s Allen and Kathy Hale’s Dusk Rose ’57. The Rakestraws, the Barths and the

Wake’s ‘Birds brought home trophies.

On March 4, twenty (20) Vintage members and 10 Classic members caravanned to Nickerson to help Lois Johnson celebrate her 80th birthday! 
Lots of food and cakes were featured. 

On March 17 our ‘Birds were an important part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the Delano District.

Rod and Bev Wake’s Thunderbird Green ’56 fit right in with the Irish theme and was accompanied by 12 Vintage and Retro Thunderbirds. 

One week later, several of our club met at The China Inn for a fabulous supper where we were entertained by professional musician Jeb Beck with his keyboard and repertoire

of 50’s hits, and a lot of Thunderbird music.
On April 15, John Moler, Rod and Bev Wake, Mike and Susie Hornbeck, Carl Marts, Allen Hale, and other ‘Birds took part in the annual Richard’s Little Dairy 
Queen Annual Cruise In
Only problem was, a tornado had cruised in the night before, had wiped out several buildings and all electricity and pretty well put a damper on the show. 

On April 20, fourteen (14) Vintage folks and ‘Birds converged on Central and West for the informal car show that springs up there every Friday night during the appropriate months.

In May VP Mike and Ann Mawhirter met with members of the Rocky Mountain Thunderbirds from Denver area, as they drove to Minden, Nebraska for a fun
weekend at the Harold Warp museum complex.
June10 was the date of our long anticipated Lake Afton All Wheels Rally with over 1,000 cars on display. 
Our club and the Classic Club had pooled resources to pay for sponsorship of the annual show and had a great turnout of 33 Thunderbirds and twice that many people. 
Our updated banner was prominently displayed and our tent was in place. 
The California Blue Thunderbird T-shirts picturing a Bulletbird and a Classic Bird sold out by noon. 
Except for strong winds the day went great! 
We signed up new members and made contact with additional prospects.
Also in June our club was represented by Prez Rod and Secretary Bev, and Larry and
Treasurer Lynda Fichter at the three day, “Fly Away to Ioway” VTCI Regional
Convention at Des Moines. 
Two Retros=Two Trophies!

In July we again met at Central and West for a show/recruiting mission. 
Food was eaten, ‘Birds were shown, a crowd was pleased. People joined.

Augustbegan with a fun run up to Lindsborg for a car show/shopping/dining experience. 
Brand new members Allan and Trudy Carpenter joined us for their first club event. 
Darryle Barth’s 1950 Pontiac Hardtop brought home a trophy.

Then, on August 11 we began the beautiful summer morning with a great country breakfast at The Red Barn on the banks of Lake Afton. This was followed by a photo shoot
with Lake Afton as our backdrop, then a scenic drive around the lake and on to Bill and Lisa Farris’ farm to meet their buffalo herd! 

This excursion
was aptly named, “Breakfast, Birds, and Buffalo” by organizer Bev Wake. 

We made another en masse showing at Central and West during August, with a well planned lineup of 13 Vintage and Retro ‘Birds on display.

September saw us at Klyda Fall’s employer, the Georgetown Village Retirement Complex with a mini-car show for an appreciative crowd.
Prez Rod and Secretary Bev, Larry and Treasurer Lynda Fichter represented our club at the VTCI International Convention at Charleston, South Carolina on September 25 through 30th. 
What a fabulous experience that was, and Larry and Lynda’s Mountain Shadow Gray ’03 brought home a cherished item; a First Place trophy at an
International Convention!


On October 7, All Ford Day at the Salvation Army Camp Hiawatha featured a great collection of Thunderbirds; 16 Vintage Club and 4 Classic Club Thunderbirds! 

Some of our members showed their other fabulous Fords, such as Todd and Lu Anne Duhnke’s Mandarin Orange and Colonial White ’56 Victoria. Classic club
members brought a ’36 Ford Roadster and a ’40 Ford Convertible. 

On Sunday, October 21, twenty six (26) of our Thunderbirders caravanned to 
Nickerson for Av and Lois Johnson’s Pot Luck Dinner and Garage Tour.
November 3 was the date of the fun run to the Stearman Café at the Benton, Kansas airport organized by VP Mike and Ann Mawhirter. 
Nine (9) Vintage, Classic and Retro Thunderbirds and 2 other vehicles carried our members to a great brunch and
impromptu Thunderbird and Experimental Aircraft show.

December 2 was the date of the Classic Club’s annual Christmas Party at the Hilton to which our club is always invited.  Many of our members belong to both
clubs.  Wearing their Classic Club hats, Bev and Rod Wake planned this event, with Lois and Av Johnson contributing party favors and taking part in the

This was the same format as last year’s successful party and we had a record turnout with almost exactly as many Vintage Club members as Classic Club members. year, our
clubs had voted to waive the white elephant gift exchange and instead gathered voluntary contributions to The Salvation Army. 

Treasurer Lynda Fichter and Classic Club Treasurer Bev Wake, with Classic Club President Royce Taylor counted the contents of the box @ $661.00.
Secretary Bev hand carried our gifts totaling $661.00 to the Salvation Army offices after the party! 
The clubs received a nice thank you card from the Salvation Army a few days later.

 With this final event our club year was complete.

……Or was it? 
Folks, new members are the most valuable asset any club can have. Nobody has to work at making a club smaller; that will take care of itself if we stand idly by and quit recruiting.  Throughout the year we continued recruiting efforts in several ways; we maintained a first class Website. 
We freely distributed our business cards and kept up our ever present alertness and interest in other Thunderbirds and the folks who own them.  Whenever we discovered a
Thunderbird parked on the street or in somebody’s driveway we graced it with a windshield flyer.  We also provided cars and drivers to the informal, unorganized
car show at Central and West that “happens” every Friday night.

All through the year, every month, our Newsletter kept everybody up to date on the club happenings.  We sent spare copies of the Newsletter to prospects to keep
our club’s activities highly visible and that action is responsible for some of the new members learning of our activities. That Newsletter also is posted monthly
on our Website for the world to see. 

Our club had articles in the VTCI’s bimonthly publication The Scoop on several occasions also telling the world what
our club was doing out here in Kansas. The combination of ingredients in our recruiting efforts brought  9 new memberships and 10 new Thunderbirds (4 Vintage Birds 
and 6 Retros) to our club through 2012.  That included:

Mike and Janey Lindebak, ’03 Torch Red retro
James and Diana Gilson, ’04 Merlot retro
Allan and Trudy Carpenter, ’02 Inspiration yellow, and ’03 Coral James Bond
Dale and Linda Gibson ’58 Raven Black HT
Jim Corfman, ’60 Sultana Turquoise HT
Paddy and Sylvia McCullough, ‘02 Torch Red retro
Bob and Judy Francis, ’63 Cascade Green Landau
Dennis C. “Andy” Anderson  ’04 Merlot retro
Vincent Edgar, ’74 Thunderbird

This brings our total family memberships to 44, a record high!  At least one of these new memberships has since joined our national club, the VTCI. 
Even though our club generously donated to the Regional and the International conventions, and supported a website, Treasurer Lynda’s records show that we
ended the year with a substantial balance in our treasury. 

No looming Fiscal Cliff for this club!
So, we think you will agree that the club did well and maybe old 2012 ought to retune
his AM radio and IPod, quit reviewing worn out Campaign Speeches and
perhaps listen for Sinatra to sing, It Was A Very Good Year!”


Swap Meet Coming Right Up! 

Again our booth at the Sunflower A’s Swap Meet at the Coliseum on February 1 and 2 will be needing items to sell. 
Automotive parts, books, accessories, tools, whatever you want to part with. 
Start your roundup now, for items to bring to our Swap Meet! 

Need help? 
Call Prez or one of the officers and we will try to accommodate you. 

Speaking of help, want to work the booth with us? 

Love to have ya!


The 2013 VTCI Regional and International Conventions: 

As you know, our chapter is a part of the North Central Region of the VTCI.  Our North
Central Regional VTCI Convention is set for July 11 through 14, 2013 at Springfield,
Illinois. The Land of Lincoln Thunderbird Club, and Western Michigan Thunderbird Club
are co-hosts. 
There is a lot of history at Springfield, a lot of Abraham Lincoln history, and
a lot of fun events planned by the two clubs. 
We have contributed to the 2013 Regional with some financial gifts, and hope a lot of us can 
contribute with our presence! 

Watch for all information and registration forms in The Scoop, or Google up VTCI and take a
look at upcoming events listed there.

Then, the VTCI International Convention for 2013 will be hosted by the South Central
Region and held in Houston on September 26 through 28, 2013
Lots of NASA activities, a dinner cruise, other great activities and a lot of fabulous Thunderbirds are in
the offing.  Again, watch The Scoop, and/or Google up VTCI and take a look.

The President’s Message

By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbird Loving friends:
We boasted of our successful recruiting efforts bringing in new members this year. 
That is something to be proud of, but getting new members is only part of it.  The other part is retention; making ourselves worthy of having our new
members stay with us and become valuable members to the club.
One place to start is to help us plan out a meaningful club year; one that has diversified activities everybody will enjoy. 
Some shows, parades, and similar activities that we can attend in large numbers always makes our club more visible to the public. 

We plan to outline the basic 2013 club year during the January meeting, based on known events for the year. 
Then, as additional things crop up during the year we can make plans to participate, or not participate. 
Please try to attend the January 17 meeting to help us begin our long range plans.

The other thing—and this one is dear to my heart—is to get new members involved in our parent club, the Vintage Thunderbird Club International!
January is the time to join VTCI for the upcoming 2013 events and the dues are only $35.00 per year.  That gives you the subscription to THE THUNDERBIRD
SCOOP, the award winning bi-monthly magazine with articles, want ads, technical articles and information about upcoming VTCI events. 
The VTCI offers a world class judging program for Thunderbirds. 
Our North Central  Regional Convention in Springfield, Illinois and our International Convention in Houston in the fall are both within driving distance
for our club. 
There is no greater incentive that I can think of for getting your Thunderbird into driving and show condition than preparing for a VTCI judging. 
Where else can you get a team of Thunderbird experts to check out your car using state of the art official factory specifications as a guide? 
In addition to that, these events are always fun as the hosts do their best to show us a fun time in their city! 
We always enjoy meeting new Thunderbird friends with each convention we attend  and there are no other cars being judged than Thunderbirds! 
Joining VTCI is easy.  One can Google up VTCI or go to  www.vintagethunderbirdclub.organd pull up an application form;
or, ask any of our club officers for an application from one of our THE SCOOP magazines. 

This month, by separate arrangements, I am providing information to those of you who I know do NOT YET belong to VTCI.  Those of you who
receive this newsletter by U. S. Mail will be receiving a separate mailing.
Please make Prez happy by considering  the information and joining the VTCI.


 And now…a word from our Sponsor!  Ed Elzinga from
Holland, Michigan is our VTCI Regional Director.  Ed is the person our Prez
reports to with club business, problems, and assistance. Ed and Sandy have
several Vintage Thunderbirds and have been to almost every VTCI convention.
Ed sent a letter a couple of days ago and we forwarded it right away to those of
you on Email. 

Don’t Forget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application 
from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez 
for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!

Prez Reviews The Dues: 

Some of the newer members have inquired
about our Mid-Kansas dues setup.  We know it can be confusing, so here is a
review and summary:

Our local chapter, The Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Inc., is a Kansas corporation which 
we incorporated in 2005.  We chose a fiscal year ending December 31, the same
as the calendar year. Our $25.00 dues are paid annually
which means the dues are due January 1. 
But, we know many other expenses are due in December or January 1 every year. 
Expenses such as Real Estate Taxes, Quarterly Estimates, homeowner’s dues, VTCI dues and almost 
every other club dues you can think of plus Christmas expenses. 

That is why several years ago our club voted to have our dues payable by April 1. Even though they are
technically due January 1, we don’t ask for them before April 1. 
Of course,
Treasurer Lynda can take your $25.00 dues payment any time before April 1, whenever it is comfortable
for you. 

New member’s initial dues are pro-rated according to the quarter in which they join, and that proration
is calculated on the January 1 starting date for the club year as follows:
Jan-Feb-Mar    $25.00
Apr-May-Jun    $18.75
Jul-Aug-Sep    $12.50
Oct-Nov-Dec   $6.75
Our local club is a chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc., North
Central Region, and that has been addressed in the Prez’s message above.  VTCI
Dues are $35.00 per year, due January 1, and delinquent after January 31.
The VTCI Roster is compiled from dues paid as of January 31.

Unique In All The World: 

The Newsletter continues its series picturing Thunderbirds seen around the VTCI Regional and International
Circuit as well as local club events. 
With each Thunderbird  featured, you should see why the Vintage Ford  Thunderbird is considered to be 
“Unique In All The World!” 

The “Flairbirds” of 1964, 1965, and 1966 shared the same basic unit body
structure and floor pan as the 1961-63 models but had a slightly longer wheelbase
of 113.2 inches, and weighed about 300 pounds more.  For 1966, the Thunderbird
had shed its one-piece bumper grille combination and for the first time had a
non-functioning hood scoop.  Many consider the ’66 Thunderbird the best of the
three year series, with the understated elegance of unadorned side panels and
crisper lines.  Unfortunately for us,  1966 marked the end of an era as the last of
the Thunderbird Convertibles left the Wixom assembly plant.  The above 1966
Thunderbird in Arcadian Blue was one of many which graced the show field at
the 2012 VTCI International Convention at Charleston.  Just another example of
a Thunderbird which is 
Unique In All The World!


A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm, and says, “A beer please, and
one for the road.” 


Burma Shave Signs:

Remember those delightful Burma Shave signs from the 30’s 40’5 and 50’s that were posted along all our
highways (before Interstates)
and were changed out a couple times a year?

Five (5)  little red signs with white lettering, about 100 feet apart were designed to be read as you passed by. 
They normally gave warnings or tips about traveling.  The Newsletter wants to remind you of this fun 
period from the past and will run a Burma Shave sign each month.

This month’s Burma Shave ad:

Trains don’t wander
            All over the map
                   ‘cause nobody sits 
                           In the Engineer’s lap 

Burma Shave


Retro Bird Watchers Alert!
2003 See Below!!

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

One  more time;
Happy New Year!
And remember, a
New Year’s Resolution usually goes in one year and out the other!
Autos For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc For Sale:
A friend of Prez passed away in November.  His one owner original
condition 1953 Chevrolet 2-dr
hardtop (might be a ’54) needs
to go to a new owner and needs to be restored. 
It has been in storage for several years.  Butterscotch and white in color. 
Widow says, “no street rodders, please!” Call Prez at 722-2028 for
Wanted:  1955 Thunderbird Steering Wheel.  Call Prez at 316-722-2028 For Sale:  Easy-Lifter Top Remover.  Electrically operated
top lift which fits all 1955-57 Thunderbirds, and ’56 to ’60
Corvettes.  Electrically lift your top from your car and leave it suspended from the garage ceiling.  The manufacturer advertises in Early Bird magazine and others. This unit is
brand new, still in its box and retails for $399.95.  Being offered at bargain price of $250.00.  Does not work for
Retros.  For further details and/or to see the item, call Prez
at 316-722-2028
1959 Thunderbird.
Solid 352, Air Conditioning. 
Needs interior, new quarter panels.  Light Blue in color but needs new paint. 
John Moler checked it out in person. 
Seller wants $5,000 OBO, cash, no trades.  Car located in Bel Aire,
5904 E. 49th Street Court, N., Bel Aire.
Wanted: 1967 Thunderbird
wheel cover
Contact Tedd Roe if you know of one
For Sale:  Brand new set of 1972 Thunderbird wheel covers.
Original owner bought a new Thunderbird, drove it home and put the
original wheel covers in a box and put (non-Ford) snap-on wire wheel
covers on the car.  40 years later the car is gone, the owner is gone,
but the new car FoMoCo wheel covers are still in the box.  Full set,
$200.00.  John Moler (316) 942-7842
1968 Ford Thunderbird
94K original miles, 429 thunderjet.  Power
windows, seats, door locks, multi adjustable seat.  Seller’s father was
second owner of this car, purchased 
in 1976.  Became seller’s high
school car and it has been in storage for years.  Does not need
restored and was in great original condition but needs all new belts
and hoses and battery 
Needs good home. 
Don Moberly, Emporia, KS
2003 Thunderbird: Premium Edition.  Desert Sky Blue body and
hard top, black soft top and soft tonneau.  44,000 miles.  Has all
accessories, brand new proper vented battery, Price reduced to
$15,500.00.  Paul Jasinski  316-773-3645

Click on ad to visit VTCI!



January Meeting:

Our next one will be January 17, 2013 at 5:30 Pm
Spears Restaurant
4131 W. Maple
  Featuring:  Lining out a new year!
First we eat, then we meet!



  Current Officers

J. Rodney Wake
Vice President:
Mike Mawhirter
Beverly Wake
Lynda Fichter

Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird’s Appointed Positions


Newsletter Editor:
J. Rodney Wake
Associate Editor, Proof Reader,

Club Photographer, Computer
  Guru and all around helper
Jack Wake
Website Coordinator:
Cheryl Thomas
Webmistress Design and Graphics
Connie B C
Wichita Area Council
of Car Clubs Representative:
Royce Taylor Royce.taylor@spiritaero.com

National VTCI Contacts


VTCI President:
Terri McNeill
VTCI Vice President: 
J. Rodney Wake
VTCI Website Director:
Terri McNeill
VTCI NC Director: Ed Elzinga sqtbird@att.net
VTCI Treasurer:
Randy Mattson
VTCI Secretary:
Bob McNeill
Concours Director: 
Paul Prokop 
Historian:  Dan Likar  sqbrd@aol.com
Technical Director  Alan Tast tast@earthlink.net



Mid-Kansas Thunderbird’s Website: 
VTCI website: 

 VTCI Chapter Websites


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