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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn

December 2010
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI) 


And the Last Shall Be First: 

Newsletter readers, the last item in most of the previous newsletters has been the reminder to check out our Website. 
This time we are moving it to the first item in this issue to remind you that, 

This Newsletter, pictures, and a lot of other information is posted on our website
Check the current updates at: www.midkansastbirds.org

The website has worked out well with our Webmaster Connie posting items the day she receives them, and doing a great job of adding
little graphics and colors to make it more attractive. 
We have received contacts and comments from all over the Thunderbird and VTCI community as a result.

You will notice that some of the info in the Newsletter you receive is eliminated from the website version because not all our information is of
interest to anybody but our club. 
An abbreviated edition of each Newsletter including the one you are reading right now, is sent to Connie to be posted on the website and so far, 
Connie has been given free rein to “dress it up” with clip arts and special fonts and colors where she feels it is necessary. 

Has the Website helped our club?  There is no way to tell, but we think it has. 
It has certainly enhanced our image with other Thunderbird Clubs and our National Club, and has broadcast our Want Ads and For Sale items over a larger area. 

We have used it for recruiting new members; it is part of our recruiting package and we have used it to show others our  “Members Rides,” and to show them what our club is all about. 
Treasurer Lynda Fichter, Website Coordinator Cheryl Thomas and Prez just renewed our website and our Domain Name for 2011. 

Please take advantage of our asset; use it, advertise it, tell other car people about it and help us make the decision whether to continue it on past 2011. 

And as always, let us know what the club could do to improve it.

Annual Thunderbird Christmas Party!!

When you receive this newsletter, the Wichita Classic Thunderbird Club’s annual Christmas Party
to which our club is again invited, will be only a few days away!! 
December 5 is the date, 5:30 PM is the time, and Timberline East, 8310 East 21st Street is the location. 
Remember, bring (1) a food item or two for the Kansas Food Bank, and (2) see how nice a gift 
you can come up with for around $5 for the gift exchange! 
New, gently used, or what have you. 
It is going to be a lot of fun, and the Classic Club will also swear in their slate of officers for 2011

Vintage Club Welcomes New Members!
It was really great to see new members at the November meeting.  Curt and Diana Rakestraw (Flame Red ’57) had joined the club last month but this was their first dinner/meeting with the club.  Both Jim Goolsby (Sky Mist Blue ’62 HT) and Dale Havercroft, (’57 E Bird, Colonial White) came as visitors but made the decision to join the club. 

Welcome, new members and know we will have some good times together

November Elections Bring Landslide Results! 
Bet you thought this was going to be about the National Elections, didn’t ya?  No this relates to the club elections held on the night of November 18 at the Two Brothers Barbeque Election Headquarters. 
Since nobody challenged the incumbents, the officers for 2011 will be:

President:   Rod Wake
Vice President:  Richard Carlisle
Secretary:   Bev Wake
Treasurer:   Lynda Fichter

 Yep, We STILL have cups

In inventory @ $10 each. 
Since our last Newsletter, one cup was shipped to St. Bruno, Quebec! 
Others were sold locally and we have recouped the purchase cost
and are now in the profit taking phase of this venture. 
The payment for  the last four cups will go straight to the club treasury. If  want one of the historic first run of Vintage Thunderbird cups, give Prez or Secretary a call and we will reserve one for you. 

That’s 316-722-2028. Get one while you still can. 

"We’re drinking, my friend 
to the end, of a brief episode.
So buy one cup for your baby, 
and one more for the road."

Dream Car Show Discontinued:
The 2010 Dream Car show marked nine (9) 
successful shows, and a total of $106,000 we have 
given to Make-A-Wish of Kansas, Inc

Both the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club and the Wichita Classic
Thunderbird Club took a vote, whether to hold the Dream Car Show
another year. 

This was done by paper ballot, first at the meetings, and then 
by follow up mailing to those who were not present
 Almost all members indicated they had mixed emotions about 
the future of the show, but by an overwhelming majority, 
both clubs voted not to hold a Dream Car Show for 2011 



Board members will be sending appropriate letters, 
closing out the bank accounts and properly taking care 
of the details by the end of December. 
We believe the Dream Car Show was a good thing 
and both clubs can be proud of their gifts to 
Make-A-Wish over the last 9 years,
but the vote proved that the show in its current form 
and format had come to an end. 

Didja Know? 
A company named Classic Tube sells bulk stainless steel tubing in several sizes, by the inch. 
Now you can create your own SS brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum, or hydraulic lines. 

Classic Tubes’ product is double-annealed SAE 304 Grade and is easy to bend, according to the manufacturer,
and is available in rolls up to 20 feet long. 
Classic Tube also offers accessories such as flaring tools, spring wraps, and proportioned valves. 
Cost is:

3/16 and ¼ inch=  $.30 per inch

5/16 and 3/8=$. 35 per inch

1/8 to ½ inch = $.40 per inch. 

This is good info to know as we maintain our Thunderbirds.

That’s Classic Tube, 800-882-3711 or www.classictube.com

The President’s Message
By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders,

In recent months there have been more indications that the VTCI may require at least 50% of each chapter’s members to belong to the national organization.  If it seems that I have “harped” at you through the year, to join our parent organization, that is the main reason.  But instead of attempting to round up the stragglers one more issue, it might be more fitting to honor those of you who do belong to and support the mission of the Vintage Thunderbird Club International. This list from the 2010 VTCI renewals names the Mid-Kansas members. 

Banman, Willard and Shirley Blackerby, Jerry and Stacy
Carlisle, Richard and Susan Curry, Kathyrne
Day, Walter K.  Delucia, Sal
Duhnke, Todd and Lu Anne Fichter, Larry and Lynda
Godfrey, Jack and Barbara Hufford, Lee and Rosemary
Messerschmidt, Henry and Anita Roe, Tedd
Wake, Jack M Wake,Rod and Beverly 

To those of you who belong to VTCI, thanks for your support and your participation in our great events during the last year.  January 1 is the due date for VTCI annual membership and/or renewal and I would like to increase our numbers for 2011.  If your name is not on that roster, you can get an application from the VTCI Website, or ask the Secretary for an application.  It would give both Chris Mathews and your club President a thrill up the leg if you would join now.


Don’t Forget our Parent Club:

 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!

Retro Bird Watchers Alert!
None spotted at this time

Activities to Consider
This is only a small percentage of activities of interest to our club, most of them are listed in the Cruizin ’10 Calendar of Events

Christmas Party, Timberline East, December 5, begins 5:00 

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc:
2002 Thunderbird: 
Jerry Blackerby’s 2002  Retro Bird is for sale!  Beautiful black with extra chrome, both tops, chrome alloy wheels, AM/FM with 6 CD
player, all the factory options plus lots of other extras. 33,500 miles, Call Jerry
at (316) 841-6862 or look it up on Ebay.  $16,500! 
Wanted:  Mel Boling, Haysville area, is seriously searching for a56 Thunderbird
Condition and price must be in balance
Matt Macy reports that a recent visit to Northwest Salvage, 
3059 Hoover Road, Wichita 
indicates there are “6 or 7” Thunderbirds there,
ambiguous years but it appears all are Flairbirds. 
Might warrant an investigation.
(316) 942-8366
1969 Thunderbird 4-Dr Landau
Full power, 429, navy vinyl roof over powder blue body.  New tires, runs great.  90,000 miles. ( Prez saw this one at
the YMCA car show and can tell you it is a beautiful  car).  $6,000 or best offer. Paul Norden, 207-8100
Wanted:  Four wheel covers for ’64 Thunderbird 
Spinner caps preferred.
Kenneth Minihan, Valley Center
Tanks for the memoriesJohn Moler has two—count ‘em—two 1958-60 Thunderbird gas tanks for sale. 
Both have been around since Elvis was in the Army, but both are still serviceable.  One is good; one needs to be cleaned and sealed. 
The price is right….free! 
Come and get ‘em.  (316)-942-7842
1967 Thunderbird 4-dr Landau:
Midnight Blue with black vinyl top. 
Perfect black leather interior. 390 engine, 59,000 miles and all the bells and whistles of 1967. 
Same owner since 1977. 
Needs a new vinyl top and a windshield.
Tony Storie 806-8794
Wanted:  Matt Macy needs one more seat belt to use  in the back seat of his ’66 HT. 
Anybody have a spare? 
Call Matt at 316-265-0456
Tires: Royce Taylor’s ’57 came with two sets of tires.  Royce wants to sell one set
For details, call Royce at 650-2463
1967 Thunderbird:
This light blue ’67 Tudor Thunderbird, is for sale on Ebay.  John Moler has checked it out.  PW, PB, AC Needs TLC.  Needs some body work, located near Greenwich Road and Harry.  Asking price is $2,500 but John has determined it can be bought for much less.  Phone # 213-8683
Wanted: Plastic Ford emblem from rear bumper center on ’65 Thunderbird.
Also wheel covers for ’65 Thunderbird
LaVonne Widmer
1965 Thunderbird,
Aqua blue 390 V8, automatic, loaded, power windows including wing vents, tilt-a-way steering column, new tires, upper ball joints, inner tie rods, drag link bushings and bolts, Strut rod bushings,alignment, new parts, master cylinder, brake booster, front disc brake calipers (4) piston style, new fuel pump, new Edelbrock 4 bbl carb, P/S pressure hose, all glass good, solid straight body with older paint and does not rattle or have wind noise. 
Starts and runs good but needs P/S box and minor interior repair on door panels. 
Also includes a parts car with 390 Auto and 9” rear end
(missing carb and brake booster, 106K miles,  MARKED DOWN!!    $5500 for both
Wanted: 61 Thunderbird 390 engine
Richmond, MO area. 
(816) 520-5113  Carly Flores.
1965 Thunderbird HT
Brittany Blue, All the standard equipmentof ’65 plus…..
This is an exceptionally nice’65. 
Extra clean, runs and drives great. 
MARKED DOWN!!  $8000.00 
John Moler 942-7842
. ..
1963 Thunderbird HT
A friend of Prez has this one for sale in Topeka
Described as a restoration project, good interior, body fair and drivable…runs good. $4,000 OBO. 
(785) 817-7979 
. .
1963 Thunderbird HT For sale at Nickerson, KS. New Engine and tranny and all documentation.  Has lots of parts in the trunk. 
Bill Green, owner, $6,500.00 620-899-0516. 
AV Johnson says it has a poor paint job, but the rest could be do-able. 
Av has more details. 1-620-422-5104 
. .
1960 Thunderbird HT
Red, good body, no rust. John Moler has seen it and says it is a real looker.  43,000 miles on the odometer, PW, PB, PS, 352, A/C, skirts.  This car has been stored for 10 years after illness and death of the owner and has the following faults:  Brakes frozen, no battery so can’t hear it run, can’t check radio, power windows, etc, and the fluid has drained out of the tranny and/or torque converter.  Tires questionable, trunk mat shot. 
Give John a call for more details, at 942-7842, or call the owners sons Tom (620) 243-3024 or Gary (620) 243-2933. 
. .
No December Meeting:

In keeping with our long time tradition, 

there will be NO Mid-Kansas Vintage Club 

business meeting for December. 

Current Officers
President: J. Rodney Wake 316.722.2028 JRWake1316@cox.net
Vice President: Richard Carlisle 316.721.4756 carlisle.richard@sbcglobal.net
Beverly Wake
Treasurer: Lynda Fichter 316.943-3939 lfichter@cox.net

Newsletter Editor: J. Rodney Wake 316.722.2028 JRWake1316@cox.net
Associate Editor and Photographer: Jack Wake Email Please jmwake@cox.net
Website Coordinator: Cheryl Thomas 620.532.2340 porkypinecsp@terraworld.net
Webmistress Design and Graphics
Connie B C Email Please magimae@usa.net

National VTCI Contacts

VTCI President: Terri McNeill president@vintagethunderbirdclub.org
VTCI Vice President:  J. Rodney Wake JRWake1316@cox.net
VTCI Secretary: Bob McNeill secretary@vintagethunderbirdclub.org
VTCI Treasurer: Randy Mattson .rmattson@fishnet.com
VTCI NC Director: Ed Elzinga sqtbird@att.net
VTCI Website Director: Terri McNeill terrimcneill@comcast.net

Mid-Kansas Thunderbird’s  Website:  http://www.midkansastbirds.org/
VTCI website:  http://www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org

 VTCI Chapter Websites

Chicagoland Thunderbirds: http://www.thunderbirds.org
Thunderbird Midwest/Minneapolis: http://www.thunderbirdmidwest.org
Mid America Iowa: http://www.albeedigital.com/thunderbirds
Hoosier Vintage/ Indiana Thunderbird Club:  http://www.hoosierthunderbirds.com/
Vintage Thunderbirds of Kansas City: http://www.vtkc.com
Thunderbirds of Manitoba: http:/www.tbirdcanada.ca
Classic/Wisconsin: http://www.wisconsin-thunderbirds.org
Waterwonderland Michigan: http://www.michigantbirds.com