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Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated
Wichita, Kansas

A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’ Club Song: 
“Silver Thunderbird”  by Marc Cohn



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December 2012
A Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)
The VTCI Recognizes ALL Thunderbirds, 1955-2005!

Celebrating Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club's 20th year!!

VP Mawhirter Organizes “’Birds Brunch at Benton”:

Our club opened the month of November with a fun run in the country on the beautiful autumn day of November 3. 
Making good on his intention to organize a fall fun run, VP Mike and Ann Mawhirter suggested all who could get away that Saturday morning met at Applebee’s 
at Kellogg and Andover Road and at 9:30 follow the Mawhirter’s Diamond blue ’63 up the road to the Stearman Café at the Benton, Kansas Airport. 

The café is named after Wichita’s own Stearman Airplanes, built in Wichita through the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s; and several of these vintage
biplanes make their home at various hangars at Benton. 
Being a retired commercial pilot, Mike was a natural for organizing
an airplane themed event and Benton certainly fit the bill. 

A few more ‘Birds came in from different directions and met at the
Stearman Café, where among numerous airplane themed
decorations our members enjoyed a good old down-home country
breakfast buffet and a lot of good conversation. 
Seated in a semi-private area around patio tables in a glassed 
in room overlooking the airport and all its activity were:
Mike and Janie Lindebak
Allan and Trudy Carpenter
Tedd Roe
Mike and Ann Mawhirter
Kaye Barth
Jeral and Elaine Lipps
Rod and Beverly Wake
Curt Rakestraw
Larry and Lynda Fichter
Todd Duhnke
Dennis C “Andy” Anderson


Thunderbirds which made the trek, and were parked in a long line in the parking lot got a lot of attention and were subject to
many photographs from townsfolk who were quick to pull 
out their cell phones and take a few photos. 

The ‘Birds were:
Lindebak’s Torch Red ’03
Anderson’s Merlot ’04
Fichter’s Mountain Shadow ‘03
Carpenter’s Inspiration Yellow ’02
Tedd Roe’s Brandywine and white ’59
Mawhirter’s Diamond Blue ’63
Wake’s Vintage Mint ’04
Barth’s Monterey Mist (Pacific Coast) ’04, and
Curt Rakestraw’s Torch Red ’57
Todd Duhnke’s classic Chevrolet and Lipps’ Lincoln were also on the lot.
However, anything other than a Thunderbird must be classified as a “plain old
car.”  It’s our law.

On this same date, and while our Thunderbird people watched, a group of experimental aircraft aficionados also flew in to Benton and met 
at the Stearman Café at the same time.
Watching these hand built, one-of-a-kind aircraft fly in and line up on the tarmac provided a lot of entertainment for our crowd. 
While we looked at their airplanes, they looked at our Thunderbirds.  That they should arrive on this same date….coincidence you say? 
We don’t think so!
Towards noon, our well fed members headed back to Wichita, not as a caravan but traveling to their homes and other destinations
by various routes to continue weekend chores and activities.  
It was a fun morning and our thanks to Mike and Ann  for making all the arrangements.

Mid Kansas Elections—All Landslides: 

About three months ago, we began advertising for candidates for the various club offices. 
Secretary Bev was to keep track of those indicating a willingness to run for office. 
The club elections for 2013 took place on November 15 at Spears Restaurant during the
November business meeting. 
The only persons who had indicated an interest in the offices were all the incumbents and right up to
the date of the meeting, there were no challengers. 
Prez Rod asked for nominations from the floor but all was as quiet as a mouse on a floor mat with no challengers for the offices. 

Therefore, the 2013 slate of officers compiled by Secretary Bev was:
President  Incumbent Rod Wake
Vice President Incumbent Mike Mawhirter
Secretary Incumbent Bev Wake
Treasurer Incumbent Lynda Fichter

We held this election with no debates, no mud slinging, no daily polls, no new media spins, no massive television commercials, and no “talking points.” 
The Board for 2013 was confirmed by unanimous vote of those present at the November meeting. 

A victory celebration followed, featuring Spears pie and coffee.

A new appointment to the Wichita Area Council of Car Clubs, however, was necessary because 2012 representative Royce Taylor is now needed to represent the Classic club at the WACCC quarterly meetings. 
Darryle Barth agreed to accept the appointment to represent our Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds in 
all WACCC matters for 2013, with Kaye Barth as backup. 

Thanks for accepting the appointment, Darryle and Kaye!

The Old Newsletter Editor, the Old Scrapbook Lady, the Assistant Newsletter Editor, Club Photographer, printer’s assistant and general errand boy duties will be retained by the same personnel.

Speaking of the WACCC:

Darryle Barth will hit the ground running as our Wichita Area Council of Car Clubs rep at the first meeting in February, 2013.

On the date of November 20, 2012 both Darryle Barth and Royce Taylor were out of state, so Prez Rod and Secretary Bev covered the meeting in their absence. 
The following was discussed at that meeting:
 * The Sunflower Model A Club’s Swap Meet at the Kansas Coliseum has been renewed and a contract signed for 5 more years.
  The existing WACCC Board of Directors had no challengers and the existing board was voted in for another term; vote was unanimous by representatives in attendance.
  The Lake Afton All Wheels Rally for 2013 will be sponsored by four (4) area Corvette Clubs celebrating the 60 anniversary of the Corvette
  The Mustang Club will sponsor the 2014 All Wheels Rally celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang.
  The Newsletter and Minutes of the WACCC meeting stated that “the Thunderbirds” had spoken for the 2015 sponsorship, celebrating 60 years of the Thunderbird, but no verification is known to substantiate that request; none of our members claim to have made that offer, and no WACCC board members can remember where they got that information.

This will be discussed at future meetings of both the Vintage Club and the Classic Club.

Information for updates from our club for the 2013 Cruizin Calendar will be provided to Daryl Standifer by Secretary Bev.

Matt Macy Makes The Big Time:

We have not seen much of MidKansas Vintage Thunderbird Club Chaplain Matt Macy and his gorgeous red ’66 Thunderbird Hardtop in recent years because he was usually busy on the weekends, or traveling
around the world in his duties with Friends Church. 

Well, 19 years of hard work and world wide travel has resulted in Matt receiving an important promotion.

 Rather than having the Newsletter paraphrase it, here is Matt’s own description of his new position:

“…I continue to enjoy receiving your wonderful newsletters.  Did I tell you I started a new job October 1?.... After 19 years in the two youth ministry positions, and with all the missions involvement I 
have had, I am now the Associate Director of Evangelical Friends Mission, which is the missions
agency of Evangelical Friends Church North America and International (so it is a national position specifically and international position by default of being the only missions agency of Friends Church worldwide.) 

Our office is in Arvada (Denver) with 5 employees there, but I am staying in Wichita in
the same desk and chair.  Executive Director in Portland.  Started October 1.  Wild ride. 
Mostly pretty fun.”

Fortunately for us, Matt and his family and their ‘66 Thunderbird will remain in Wichita and operate as more and more organizations are doing with the officers residing in different locations but communicating and taking care of business through the marvelous facilities of Email and the Internet. 

Congratulations, Matt and Carie! 

Our club now adds an International Director to its diversified base of members. 
Congratulations, Matt, and we can always say, “We knew him when…”

Mid-Kansas College of Automotive Knowledge: 
The Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club Car College is offering a non-credit course 
(and man, is it ever non-credit) to increase our knowledge of that well known invention, 
the Automobile. No textbook, no tests, no degrees.  
This month’s lesson:

A. An early style of carriage with a folding hood (top) over the passenger seats
and an open driver’s seat. 
B. A four wheeled two seated carriage with a top made in two
parts that may be let down or folded back. 
C. A sedan like automobile with a short convertible back. 


Notice that all three of the definitions above describe a folding, convertible top.
Coach building terms transferred over to the horseless carriage terms in the very early 1900’s 
because customers were familiar with the terms. 
But, the Landau coach style itself did not transfer well to the faster moving automobile. 
Some coaches had two seats facing each other (like the stagecoaches of the Old West.) 
Since a forward view was preferred by passengers the half-landau (Laundaulet) with a seat or 
seats facing forward became more popular. 
In the 1920’s and early 1930’s (including some of the popular Model A bodies) this term became 
used for a simulated convertible top, in which a fixed roof of a coupe or sedan was covered with fabric 
or leather and fitted with “s” shaped Landau bars to give the appearance of a folding, convertible top. 
Who can forget Gloria Swanson, as Norma Desmond riding in a dual cowl 1931 Isotta Frascini
in the movie “Sunset Boulevard”?

In more recent years Ford and other companies have named some of their models “Landaus” 
and several of our club members own Thunderbird Landaus.  John Moler’s ’62, Larry and Lynda’s ’66, 
Mike Thomas’ ‘66 just to name a few. 

Connie's 69 Bird taken 1982
'69 Candyapple Red (original)Tudor Landau previously owned by webmistress Connie posted here for illustration

1966 Thunderbird Town Landaus even eliminated the rear quarter window to also simulate the Coupe DeVille 
body style described in a previous Newsletter. 
With the exception of some European luxury and sports cars, few true landaus exist today, and our Thunderbirds 
only suggest a resemblance to a true Landau.  But, those S shaped simulated landau arms adorning the sail panels 
really make an attractive coupe and we all agree, they sure are pretty.

The President’s Message

By Rod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders

The year is winding to a close and assuming the Mayan Calendar is wrong, soon it will be 2013. 
We have some of the same challenges facing us that we did last year at this time. 
We met the challenges and dealt with them, and had a very good year! 
We will recount and summarize our victories for 2012 in the next issue of the Newsletter.

Right now, we need put aside our club business temporarily and give thought to the reason for the Christmas Season. 

Yes, we say Christmas Season, not “Holiday Season” and look forward to decorating and filling our Christmas
Tree and having a Christmas Celebration! 
I speak for the President, the Secretary,  and all officers of our club as well as the old Editor, the Scrapbook
Lady, the Assistant Editor, the Club Photographer and all the staff of Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird when I say, 
Merry Christmas!
In addition to the upcoming Christmas Party on December 2 which the Classic Club shares with us, 
may the season go well for you and yours, and may several packages under your Christmas Tree be from Larry’s, Concours Parts, Thunderbird Concepts, Thunderbird Headquarters, Mac’s, John Draxler and Pat Wilson!
Hope to see you at the Christmas Party!


Don’t Forget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yet joined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who have not yet joined, you can get your application 
from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.org or ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot afford to lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don't forget who helps make all our activities possible;
the Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. 
If you do not belong to VTCI, join today!

The Wichita Eagle has a section entitled The Opinion Line, to which locals 
submit their thoughts. 
Opinion Line submission of the month: 
 Opinion Line submission of the month already appeared in the Wichita Classic
Thunderbird newsletter but bears repeating here: 
“Our Government spends billions of our
dollars by giving to countries overseas that do not like us,
in an attempt to buy their love.
..Try that on South Broadway and you’d be arrested!”


Unique In All The World: 

The Newsletter continues its series picturing Thunderbirds seen around the VTCI Regional and International
Circuit as well as local club events. 
With each Thunderbird  featured, you should see why the Vintage Ford  Thunderbird is considered to be 
“Unique In All The World!” 

Some of our past Newsletters this year have discussed the Classic Lincoln
Continental, and the resulting popular accessory the Continental Kit meant to
make any classic car reminiscent of the dearly departed Lincoln Continental of
1940-1948.  Several manufacturers still make the kits for our Vintage Birds and
make a truly striking addition to our cars.  Whether you prefer one on your car or
not, thought you might like to see this beautiful Sky Mist Blue 1962 Thunderbird
HT which turned up at the 2012 Vintage Thunderbird International Convention
at Charleston, S.C.  This beautiful example again illustrates why the Bulletbird of
1961-63 is definitely, 
Unique In All The World!


                                   Upcoming Events We plan to Support….a definite maybe: 

December 2, Sunday evening, Christmas Party at the Wichita Airport Hilton! 
The Classic Club has the  Tower Room reserved as last year, with a separate banquet room, same menu and prices as last year.  After the dinner we will go back to the Tower Room.  This time we are in for a great evening as professional musician Jeb Beck and his keyboard will be providing appropriate Christmas, Thunderbird, and other ‘50’s and ‘60’s music from his fabulous repertoire gained by playing backup for Bobbie Vinton for several years. 
See the invitation we have received from the Classic Club as an attachment to the hard copy Newsletter we sent out! 
Act now and get your reservations in!

Burma Shave Signs:

Remember those delightful Burma Shave signs from the 30’s 40’5 and 50’s that were posted along all our
highways (before Interstates)
and were changed out a couple times a year?

Five (5)  little red signs with white lettering, about 100 feet apart were designed to be read as you passed by. 
They normally gave warnings or tips about traveling.  The Newsletter wants to remind you of this fun 
period from the past and will run a Burma Shave sign each month.

This month’s Burma Shave ad:

    At intersections

Look each way
A harp sounds nice
But it’s hard to play
Burma Shave


Retro Bird Watchers Alert!
2003 See Below!!

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars, Parts and Services

Ads or sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but business card size ads run $60 per year. 
That’s less than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.   What have you to sell?

Autos For Sale: Wanted: Parts & Misc For Sale:
1959 Thunderbird.
Solid 352, Air Conditioning. 
Needs interior, new quarter panels.  Light Blue in color but needs new paint. 
John Moler checked it out in person. 
Seller wants $5,000 OBO, cash, no trades.  Car located in Bel Aire,
5904 E. 49th Street Court, N., Bel Aire.
Wanted:  1955 Thunderbird Steering Wheel.  Call Prez at 316-722-2028 For Sale:  Easy-Lifter Top Remover.  Electrically operated
top lift which fits all 1955-57 Thunderbirds, and ’56 to ’60
Corvettes.  Electrically lift your top from your car and leave it suspended from the garage ceiling.  The manufacturer advertises in Early Bird magazine and others. This unit is brand new, still in its box and retails for $399.95.  Being offered at bargain price of $250.00.  Does not work for Retros.  For further details and/or to see the item, call Prez
at 316-722-2028
1968 Ford Thunderbird
94K original miles, 429 thunderjet.  Power windows, seats, door locks, multi adjustable seat.  Seller’s father was
second owner of this car, purchased 
in 1976.  Became seller’s high
school car and it has been in storage for years.  Does not need restored and was in great original condition but needs all new belts and hoses and battery 
Needs good home. 
Don Moberly, Emporia, KS
Wanted: 1967 Thunderbird
wheel cover
Contact Tedd Roe if you know of one

2003 Thunderbird: Premium Edition.  Desert Sky Blue body and
hard top, black soft top and soft tonneau.  44,000 miles.  Has all
accessories, brand new proper vented battery, Price reduced to
$15,500.00.  Paul Jasinski  316-773-3645

Click on ad to visit VTCI!



December Meeting:

 No December Meeting.
Our next one will be January 17, 2013 at 5:30 Pm
Spears Restaurant
4131 W. Maple
  Featuring:  Lining out a new year!
First we eat, then we meet!



  Current Officers

J. Rodney Wake
Vice President:
Mike Mawhirter
Beverly Wake
Lynda Fichter

Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird’s Appointed Positions


Newsletter Editor:
J. Rodney Wake
Associate Editor, Proof Reader,

Club Photographer, Computer
  Guru and all around helper
Jack Wake
Website Coordinator:
Cheryl Thomas
Webmistress Design and Graphics
Connie B C
Wichita Area Council
of Car Clubs Representative:
Royce Taylor Royce.taylor@spiritaero.com

National VTCI Contacts


VTCI President:
Terri McNeill
VTCI Vice President: 
J. Rodney Wake
VTCI Website Director:
Terri McNeill
VTCI NC Director: Ed Elzinga sqtbird@att.net
VTCI Treasurer:
Randy Mattson
VTCI Secretary:
Bob McNeill
Concours Director: 
Paul Prokop 
Historian:  Dan Likar  sqbrd@aol.com
Technical Director  Alan Tast tast@earthlink.net



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