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More information on Events can be found in the current Newsletter and The Scoop
Check back for more info as it comes in!

*Continued Outreach:  On a simpler note, we plan to
continue attending Central and West Streetís informal, unorganized car show every Friday night in Wichita that we are free
Makes for great outreach , gives us another chance to visit and mingle with other owners, expose them to the fabulous
Thunderbirds, and contribute to the local car community!


Every Friday Night in Wichita Central and West Streetís informal, unorganized car show 
Wichita, Kansas
January 20-22, 2017
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Devlin/Starbird Car Show (Cars for Charities)
Further instructions forthcoming
September  13-17, 2017 The VTCI  International Convention
at Callaway Gardens
Pine Mnt Gardens, Georgia