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MidKansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Incorporated

AChapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)

Mid-Kansas’Club Song: 
“SilverThunderbird”  by Marc Cohn

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Thought For The Day:
If you stumble,make it part of the dance!

April 2011
A Chapter of VintageThunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI)


BigBirds In The St Patrick's Day Parade

Thepeace and quiet of the beautiful, sunny morning of March 12 was brokenonly by the pleasant murmur of 7 Thunderbird Y-Blocks, 390’s and laterV8’s congregating at
theLawrence Dumont Stadium parking lot on the west bank of the Arkansas River.

There,amid everything from Model A’s to Fire Trucks, Kloggers to Bagpipers, greyhoundsto horses Our Thunderbirds occupied our 7 spaces and waited for our turnto fall into line for
the5th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Wefollowed instructions and reported shortly after 10:00AM for a 12:00 Noonparade,so the wait was just a little long.

During that time, however, we had the opportunity to visit with several people.“Who’s the owner of the ’59?” 
askedone spectator. In talking with owner Tedd Roe, the spectator stated thathis first car was a ’60 and he had
alwaysloved Squarebirds. 
WalterDay showed off his very special Mark Martin Signature Edition Roush Racing’97, and Mike Mawhirter’s beautiful 
’63represented the Bulletbird category. 
Jackand Barbara Godfrey’s glistening Silver Birch Metallic ’04 representedthe Retros
Finallyunderway, Parade Marshalls and WPD Officers' ushered us to McLean and Douglaswhere we turned west through the  Delano District and…..WOW! 
Whatan exhilarating, indescribable feeling to turn into that canyon of peopleall anxiously awaiting to see….well, to see US!

Wecrept our cars through the parade route with people absolutely packed shoulderto shoulder on the same ground where Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Jesse Chisholm,
andBilly the Kid once strode. 
Our beautiful Vintage Thunderbirds snaked past the clock tower and on pastthe quaint and vintage shops on West Douglas.
“NiceWhitewalls!” shouted one youthful spectator. The little kids and the olderspectators are always appreciative, but this time, there were several “thumbsup” 
offeredby people of all ages.

Thefirst Vintage Bird was Tedd Roe’s Brandywine Red over Colonial White ’59Hardtop, followed by Mike Mawhirter
inhis white over Diamond Blue ’63 Hardtop. 

Onespectator engaged in sign language with Mike, when he held up two fingerswith an inquisitive look on his face, 
toask Mike Mawhirter if his Diamond Blue Thunderbird was a “2” (’62)? 
Mikeanswered with three fingers to show it was a “3” (’63). 
Thankgoodness it was not a “1” (’61) or we might have been in trouble. 

WalterDay was the only driver who had a jacket to match his car, a very special 
MarkMartin #6 jacket in many colors. 

Jackand Barbara Godfrey who brought up the rear with their 
SilverBirch Metallic ’04,were given special responsibility; to 
stopand pick up any of our magnetic door signs 
advertisingthe Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club,
shouldany of  the Kansas wind gusts dislodge them. 
Fortunately,the signs were intact at the end of the parade.

Oops! I almost forgot, there were three Classic Thunderbirds in the parade aswell. 
WichitaClassic Club President Royce Taylor and a Scuba Diving buddy Bryan Brewerdrove “Old Topless” Royce’s Flame Red ’57. 
KathyHale with Sister-In-Law Marjie Hale and two very appropriate Irish SoftCoated Wheaten Terriers rode in Kathy and Allen’s Dusk Rose ’57. 
Thetwo terriers named Tucker and Riley were well behaved under the circumstances.Just think, to them it was first dozens, then hundreds of new people, sightsand smells all
enduredwhile Riley wore stylish sun glasses! 
Theywere real crowd pleasers and looked great. When is the last time you sawtwo white dogs, wearing green glasses and tiaras, in a Rose colored Thunderbird? 

Rodand Bev Wake kept the “Wearin’ Of The Green” St. Patrick’s Day theme withtheir Thunderbird Green ’56.
Severalspectators  remarked about the colors of the three Classic Birds,how they captured the feeling of the ‘50’s.

Thetotal parade lasted about an hour, and through a canyon of living peopleour Thunderbirds performed flawlessly. 
PhotographerJack Wake had positioned himself carefully to take advantage of the lightand some
interestingbackground scenery to take photos for the club, some of which you are seeingon this page.

We hadan impromptu lunch after the parade at Braum’s Ice Cream store where wecompared notes, interesting observations, and our thoughts about the paradeand future parades.


KressFall turns 60 this month!:

  ABirthday Bash is being held for Kress on  Saturday,
April9, 2011  from 5:00 to 7:00PM at the Haysville Senior Center!

Lightsnacks, Sandwiches, beverages, cake and ice cream will be served. 
Theaddress is 160 E. Karla, Haysville

Our manRoyce has checked out the address and states that as one speeds
southon Seneca (North Main in Haysville) Karla street is halfway
between63 rd S., and 71st S. 
Theturn is just south of the river; You can only turn east on Karla.

The SeniorCenter is about 100 years off Seneca on the
northside of Karla. Royce further reports that if you go under
therailroad tracks on Karla you have gone too far

PleaseRSVP to Klyda at 554-1177 by Thursday, April 7 !

Special,Special Instructions:

No alcoholand no smoking allowed on the property, even in the parking lots.
(Soplease folks, knock off your usual parking lot smoking and drinking!! )

Hopeto see you ALL there!  Prez

Big BirdBingo:  

 OnMarch 12 at 6:00PM our club descended in droves to the Carlisle’s
lakesideBingo Place. 
Allwere carrying covered dishes as a great Pot Luck Dinner was in the offing, 
tobe followed by some bingo for fabulous prizes. 
Withthe late afternoon sun glistening on the lake, our members tasted some
winesand other beverages while engaging in stimulating Thunderbird talk
untilthe ladies had completed a fabulous island full of salads, casseroles, 
roastbeef brisket, breads and desserts.

Thoseseen dining were Vintage members Richard and Susan Carlisle, Kress 
andKlyda Fall, Larry and Lynda Fichter, Jack and Barbara Godfrey, 
Leeand Rosemary Hufford, Av and Lois Johnson, Henry and Anita 
Messerschmidt,John Moler, Royce Taylor, Rod and Bev Wake, and Jack Wake. 

ClassicClub members not mentioned above were Donnie Edwards,
Allenand Kathy Hale, Jim Hein, Wendell and Mary Jack, 
Carland Brenda Johnson, Daryl and Janet Standifer, 
fora total of 29 Thunderbirders.

Afterbeing fully fed, the partiers launched into a wild Bingo game
withfabulous newspaper-wrapped prizes donated by the party 
Nobodyshould call this a White Elephant exchange because
therewere some very nice gifts exchanged. 
Whohasn’t always wanted a rose colored bud vase? 
Whodoes not always need another picture frame? 
Yes,our members got rid of….excuse me…exchanged some
uniquegifts, sampled some fine wines and engaged in
somerousing Thunderbird talk. 

Itwas a great party, and thanks to Susan and Richard for hosting it.


WelcomeBack Mike!!
Theclub was happy to see the return of Mike Thomas at the March 17 meeting. 
Afterbeing gone too long, Mike has returned to the club and is putting the finishingtouches on his ’66 Landau.
Theengine is done and the latest finishing touch is to have the correct vinylroof installed.

Lookingforward to seeing Mike and the Landau in our upcoming activities

Its in the Cards:

Moremembers have plunked down $7 for their own personal Mid-Kansas Vintage

Toorder cards for yourself, or reorder, simply contact Secretary Bev
andgive your information and forward $7 to Treasurer Lynda

Thenstand before a mirror, lower your voice and practice
handingthem out while saying, “My card.”

For$7 payable to the club, you get 60 cards. 
Theclub buys them for pennies less than that and the difference
staysin the club treasury

Allcards are uniform with our Logo and Website printed on them
andyou customize the rest by choosing :

• how you want your name to appear
• whether or not to have your phone number(s)
• whether or not the have your Email address


ChristmasParty Plans Already In The Works:

Everybodyremembers the Mid Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club motto, “When things turnto crap, our club will adapt.” Well, it has been proven once again!
Asmost of you know, our Timberline East Restaurant closed down right afterour last Christmas Party.(Wonder if there was any connection?) 
Thatleft us out in the cold for next Christmas. 
Well,the club landed on its feet by our new members Curt and Diana Rakestrawpenciling in the Rolling Hills Country Club for the Thunderbird Clubs’Christmas Party on December 4, 2011. 
Wewill be meeting with Rolling Hills CC personnel much later in the yearand will be filling everybody in, in due time. 

Ourthanks to Curt and  Diana for their prompt handling of this matter!

DuesAre Due
April 1 is thedue date for your annual Vintage Club dues.
Best $20 youwill ever spend.  Many of our members paid their dues at the March
17 business meeting. If you have not paid Lynda yet, please do so ASAP so we will
know where westand with memberships, newsletter copies, and so on

ADefinite Maybe Club Plans For 2011

Theseare the events the club voted to support as a group during 2011 and willbe altered if necessary as circumstances dictate

February: Sunflower Swap Meet.  This one is behind us, it’s history nowJuly16:  Salvation Army Benefit Car Show,Camp Hiawatha

July31: Kingman County Fair, Sunday

March12: The Carlisle’s Mexican Fiesta and BingoParty. Details will be provided

March12: St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the DelanoDistrict is pending

                Mobley Street Melodrama, and/or Crown Uptown Theater, also being 

August20: Mulvane Old Settlers Rod Run

                Black Top Nationals ?? Pending

April: Wichita Art Museum and lunch or dinner.  Details later

April9: Kress Fall’s “Big Six Oh” Birthday bash. Details in this issue

April16: Car show at Derby High in memory of TustinR. Edwards

April28:  VTCI South Central Regional Conventionat Fredricksburg, TX

September:Cruise to Groendyke Museum at Enid, Oklahoma pending
May22:  ARC Car Show at Old Cowtown MuseumOctober2: All Ford Day, Camp Hiawatha
June12:  Lake Afton All Wheels Car Show,WACCC SponsoredNovember: Stage Show, Museum, or similar activities pending
.December4:  All New Christmas Party, RollingHills Country Club

A Few CupsRemaining!

In inventory @ $10 each 

Payment for the last fourcups 
will go straight to theclub treasury 

Restoration Tips:

Thisis one of several restoration tips written by RichardLentinello, Editor-In-Chief of Hemmings Classic Car magazine
whichappeared in the December, 2008 issue, Page 6. 
Entitled“Rest Prevention” these tips will be hereby reprinted, one perissue for the next several issues

Nuts and Bolts: 

Withfasteners that are exposed to the elements, such as those used on suspensionA-Arms, anti-roll bars, subframes and brake assemblies, it pays to usecadmium plated nuts and bolts.
Theywill retain a shiny appearance for several years and will resist rusting,making future disassembly of those components a breeze. 
Ifyour car is equipped with irreplaceable fasteners, then consider havingthem plated. 
Justbe forewarned—this can get expensive

Coil Springs: 

Nomatter how many coats of enamel you use on a coil spring, the constantstretching and contracting of the coiled metal will eventually cause thepaint to crack, 
allowingrust to take hold. 
Instead,consider having your coil or leaf springs powder coated. 
Itis a very durable finish and it’s available in gloss, semi-gloss and satinfinishes and in many colors. 
Itwill give your springs a factory-new appearance that will last for years


Completeframes and subframes are also being powdercoated today, but just as withsuspension components, if you prefer paint use a urethane enamel.
Remember,too, just because a light, thin coat of paint was applied when your carwas new doesn’t mean that you should do the same. 
Giveyour frame all the protection it needs. 
Usemultiple coats of quality zinc-based primers, sealers and urethane paints


ThePresident’s Message
ByRod Wake, Mid-Kansas President

Dear Thunderbirders,

Marchturned out to be interesting with three events which reflect what the clubis all about.  We had a great social evening at the Carlisles on March12 
withall the things we like best.  Food, fun, white elephant gift exchange,and a lot of Thunderbird talk. 
Also,showing our Thunderbirds to admiring strangers is one of our strong suitsand we certainly accomplished that on Saturday, March 12 at the 
DelanoDistrict St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 
Therewe met and visited with a radio personality who asked that we include himin some of our events for some possible remote broadcasts.  Boy, willwe ever! 

Andalso classified as an “event” was our monthly meeting at Spears. The turnout was even better this month with everybody going away well fed.
Althoughmost of our ‘Birds have been in use year round it is always a little morerelaxing to drive them in nice weather, and we are beginning to have more
andmore of that.  We are looking forward to fun events spread throughoutthe spring  and summer all with one thing in mind, preserve, cherish, 
andenjoy the Ford Thunderbird. 
Besure you are part of it!


Don’tForget our Parent Club:
 If you have not yetjoined VTCI, please take this opportunity to do so. 
To those of you who havenot yet joined, you can get your application from www.vintagethunderbirdclub.orgor ask Prez for an application. 
We simply cannot affordto lose our affiliation with VTCI!

Don'tforget who helps make all our activities possible;
VintageThunderbird Club International, Inc. 
Ifyou do not belong to VTCI, join today!

UniqueIn All The World:

Withthis newsletter we begin a new series
picturingThunderbirds seen around the 
VTCIRegional and International Circuit as
wellas local club events

Witheach Thunderbird featured,
youshould see why the Vintage Thunderbird is
consideredto be
UniqueIn All The World!” 

Thismonth’s feature:

1962Thunderbird Convertible
RangoonRed with Black Interior, 
RoadsterWire Wheels
seenat the 2009 VTCI International, 


RetroBird Watchers Alert!
Nonespotted at this time

Big Bird Bazaar:
Cars,Parts and Services

Adsor sources of service for our Birds are free to club members, but businesscard size ads run $60 per year. 
That’sless than $5 per issue ‘cause we usually run 14 editions per year.  What have you to sell?


Mostof us, particularly Convertible owners have turned to BudRoat to bail us out of mechanical problems. 
Budis a Classic Thunderbird owner himself, and loves to work on older Fordsand Thunderbirds and has owned a bunch of them. 
Budhas expanded his operation and now has two seasoned mechanics operatingwith him.
Meetour newest Advertisers, Mitch and Andy!

Bud’s Automotive__________
310 N. Handley St. 
Wichita, KS  67203
2 blocks east of Senecaand 2 blocks north of Douglas
Cell  316-461-2948 

For24 hour 

• Complete auto and truck service & repair
•  Specializing infleet service & repair
•  Fleet pricing &financing available
•  Most fleet &all major credit cards accepted
•  Over 30 years ofautomotive service & repair  experience

Mitch Suffield
Andy Howard

ForSale:Wanted:Parts& Misc:
For Sale:  Wait’llyou get a load of this!  Av Johnson has
located a 1976Thunderbird with 7,000 miles on it! 
Jade Green Exterior andInterior, Vinyl
Roof, New radiator, newhoses, and tires.  460 V8 engine. 
Price not established atthe time Av talked to the owners. 
Contact information is:
Matt Brack, (620) 694-4018 
Harold Swanson (620) 662-1555
Wanted:  MelBoling, Haysville area, is seriously searching for a56 Thunderbird
Conditionand price must be in balance

Not Exactly CarRelated: 
Anybodyneed some 7” Class 1 Flexible duct?
Comesin 25’ rolls and only 10’ was needed for a cold air return project so Ihave 15’ of brand new flexible duct available to any of  you realestate or rental magnates.  It can be yours for a smile and a glance.
Just call Prez..
For Sale:  ’64 Thunderbird HT 
(316) 207-9526
For Sale:   ’63 ThunderbirdLandau
ArkansasCity, KS
(620) 202-2668 
For Sale: 
Severalcars including a 1962 Thunderbird HT,
and a 1962 ThunderbirdConvertible, dressed up
like a Sports Roadster.
Infact, the seller has 10 special interest carsand
onetrailer for sale
Theold Newsletter Editor has seen the photos, and both Thunderbirds
arebeautiful but would probably cause mental hernia if he attempted 
tocapture them and submit with this Newsletter. 

Ifyou want to see the cars, please Email the seller, 

For Sale:  Wewant to combine an advertisement from one
ofthe fall newsletters, with upgraded information on a very
 Itis a 1960 Thunderbird HT, redwith red and white interior.
Fullpower, clean, original. 

Thiswas the owner’s pride and joy but after his death it 
satin inside storage for possibly 10 years. 
CurtRakestraw brought us the information and John Moler
droveout and looked at it, but it was not running and there
wasno way to check it out thoroughly. 

Theowners family recently had the transmission overhauled, 
newbrakes throughout, new gas tank,  new heater core, and a
wholelist of things done to the car to make it ready to sell. 
Hereare recent photos of the ‘Bird. 
Itis located in Cunningham, KS.
Thesellers are asking $12,000.00
The contact numbers are:
Tom, (620) 243-3024 or Gary, (620)243-2933

For Sale:  OMG! Look at this one! VintageClub member 
ChrisCushman is thinning out his herd, and wishes to sell this
beautifulColonial White’57 Thunderbird.
Asking priceis $38,000

Itwould not do justice to this beautiful car to try to describe it here,when all  information is available first hand to INTERESTED club membersby simply calling
Chris at (316) 832-9090

April Meeting:

4323 W. Maple
Thursday, April 21, 2011
5:30 PM

We have one of the privateareas reserved
We will order from the menuand as always, 
First we eat, thenwe meet!

J. Rodney Wake
Vice President:
Richard Carlisle
Beverly Wake
Lynda Fichter
Newsletter Editor:
J. Rodney Wake
Associate Editor and Photographer:
Jack Wake
Website Coordinator:
Cheryl Thomas
Webmistress Design and Graphics
Connie B C

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